When Is Donald J. Trump, President of the United States, Going To Take Action Against Google Bias? REGULATE THEM.

Dear President Trump,
The entire world is watching the termites eat away the foundation of your Presidency. Your enemies abound, from inside the Beltway to San Francisco – all working with a single purpose: to depose you. They endeavor to censor the unified voice of the America which elected you to lead the country.

You are not leading when you allow the Muellers, Clintons, Comeys, Steeles, Googles, Twitters and Facebooks of the earth to jointly attack you and attack your constituency. They are gnawing the rug out from beneath your feet, Mr. President. And when the rug is gone and you fall to the floor, guess what? It’s going to hurt you and your backers.

The Left wants to establish a communist government to rule world wide, Mr. President. We elected you to defend America. You are our leader. You are our General. Yet in this war, I see very, very few casualties from the Left.

Let’s call them what they are – traitors and enemies. One America believes in truth, in the “code” of the West, in the Word of Yahuah. The other America believes in sodomy, homosexualism, pedophilia, politically correct speech, and government central planning. The Left seeks to overthrow the governing document that is the cornerstone of America – the Constitution of the United States of America and the Bill of Rights, which recognizes that human beings, all human beings, have rights given by God that cannot lawfully be tampered with by any government.

Every day that we delay in doing the business necessary to destroy this globalist enemy, they grow stronger. Delay is in their interest, as more children turn of voting age every day. Children who attended government indoctrination camps called “public schools”, and children with earbuds plugged directly into their brain, soaking up information approved by Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook.

Banks and credit-card processors are taking steps to choke weapons manufacturers to death. Websites that reveal truth of the globalist Americans are being closed. Web Hosting companies are denying websites their very existence if they do not submit to the globalist agenda. If the globalists succeed in their creeping plans to eliminate sources of truth, of defense, and eventually personal income, they will win.

And on your watch, Mr. President.

Yes, we are aware of Q and his “WWG1WGA” mantra, but reality is beginning to coalesce into a “and we are going down fast” reality.

Where is John Podesta? Why isn’t he in jail? Where is Julian Assange? Why isn’t he testifying before the whole of congress, on television?

I have given up on you holding the Clinton accountable. You must be afraid for your family, and I understand that. But there are other ways to hold the Clinton accountable. Ways that do not lead directly back to your desk. Its a war, Mr. President. Don’t be the highest-level casualty in it, please.

We know that you have a lot on you plate. Too much for any man, for sure. But there is nothing more critical to your survival and the reinvigoration of The American Way than striking down the Left with breath-taking intensity. If there is rioting and shooting in the streets, so be it. We had that in the ’60’s and lived through it. “The roots of the tree of Liberty must be watered, from time to time, with the blood of tyrants and of patriots.”

Let’s water the tree, shall we?

It boils down to determining what to fight for and when to fight. We believe that it is time to fight for America. The order of battle must come from you, Mr. President. You are our Commander in Chief and every day you delay, they gain time and leverage. The coming elections could be good, or they could be very bad.

With practically every broadband device in America oriented toward globalism, either by the creators or the content providers, how much delay do you think is appropriate? Google is in China this very minute helping the Chinese develop their social reward system to completely, utterly control Chinese society. A big part of Google’s role is to control thought within the general population via a technology they call Dragonfly, which will be used in America soon enough.

Google employees are quite angry about this betrayal of truth, but where is your voice, Mr. President?  Losing your will to fight?

That same manipulation will find its way into your children’s minds, Mr. Trump, if we fail to take action or if we wait any longer. You absolutely must assert yourself now. Call your side to arms, to battle stations, and immediately arrest those who you know you have dead-to-rights. Start the fire. Burn them out and blast the trumpet.