War With China: Chinese Thieves Steal Data On A Biblical Scale

It is unfortunate that China believes it must make an enemy of the United States, but that is precisely what the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) did.

As Indomitus shared with you yesterday regarding Chinese theft of military technology, and from direct, personal experience, the Chinese government operates like a school of Piranha. Using numbers and aggression, the CCP is devouring everything in its path. China will steal the fillings from your teeth when it determines that doing so will be cost effective/ There is no “morality” to the CCP. It is simply a governing machine that amorally considers what it determines to be valuable to China, and obtains it.

China is at war with America

China plays the long game, but Big Brother Xi seems determined to reach this zenith of Chinese power during his span of years as the god of the Chinese people. Like other gods before him, Julius Augustus Caesar for example, Xi is ruthless, focused, and all powerful in China. “In China” is a key topic, because Xi and the CCP fully intend to rule the entire world.

Be certain of this: China wishes to capture the United States and plunder her land. China plans to decimate the United States population and use this land to feed her own armies and people, who will be brought here by the 10’s of millions if the CCP manages to defeat the United States military, or ideally, if the CCP is successful in disarming the American people.

The individual arm-bearing US citizen is a major obstacle to the Chinese, and China will fund any reasonable initiative in Washington that seeks to disarm Americans, under-fund the US military, transfers defense technologies from America to China, and install Chinese-friendly politicians and bureaucrats anywhere and everywhere.

We are at war. It is real, people are dying and the possibility of a surprise and massive chemical or (most likely) CCP-funded and developed biological strike against YOU is highly likely.  And reader, China is not alone in the war.  She has, among other supporters, the backing of globalists who were born and raised in the United States.

Researchers have discovered that Chinese based telecom has been hijacking internet traffic on a regular basis.

According to researchers, Chris Demchak of the United States Naval War College and Yuval Shavitt of the Tel Aviv University in Israel Chinese telecom has been hijacking internet traffic going through U.S and Canada on a regular basis.

The researchers traced global BGP announcements and discovered several attacks by Chinese-based Telecom over the past few years.

In 2016 it was discovered China redirected traffic between Canada and Korean government networks to its PoP in Toronto for 6 months. Normally traffic takes a short route which is through Canada, the U.S and then to Korea.

hijacking internet traffic

Chinese Telecom hijacked it by redirecting the traffic to China Telecom PoP on the US West Coast and then sent to China and after that to Korea.

hijacking internet traffic

Another attack discovered was in October 2016 traffic from several locations from the U.S to headquarters of an Anglo-America bank in Milan, Italy was hijacked and terminated in China.

hijacking internet traffic

Traffic between Scandinavia and Japan were also hijacked between April and May 2017.

PoPs manage traffic between all the smaller networks and these smaller networks are called autonomous systems(AS).

The traffic between two autonomous systems are managed with the help of Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). BGP is an insecure protocol which can be exploited by anyone to announce bad BGP route and reroute traffic.

Usually, in most of the cases, BGP hijacks occurs because of the configuration mistakes, but the researchers here discovered multiple attacks by Chinese Telecom in the past few years.

“Building a successful BGP hijack attack is complex, but much easier with the support of a complicit and preferably large scale ISP that is more likely to be included as a central transit point among a sea of ASs. “

Most of BGP hijacking attacks nowadays are the work of government agencies or criminal organizations with access or control of strategically placed ISPs.

“China Telecom has ten strategically placed, Chinese controlled internet ‘points of presence’4 (PoPs) across the internet backbone of North America. Vast rewards can be reaped from the hijacking, diverting, and then copying of information-rich traffic going into or crossing the United States and Canada – often unnoticed and then delivered with only small delays.”

hijacking internet traffic

Even though China has ten PoPs in North America, it doesnt allow any foreign country PoPs on their country.

For more details, you can read the research paper published by the researchers here.

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