Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, Dictator of Russia, Invited To Washington, DC. Forget Repeal of Magnitsky, Putin. We Know Who You Are.

It is warming to see that Trump feels confident enough in his new job to invide the dark lord Putin to Washington. Yes, it is good. Putin is a criminal in the moral sense of criminality. He is the arch-criminal responsible for the Magnitsky Act, and it was the Magnitsky Act that the Russians wanted Trump to remove.

Sergei Magnitsky – Hero

The Magnitsky Act is a miracle of legislation that prevents Russian mobsters from coming to the United States, and the Europeans passed similar legislation.  The Magnitsky Act is the result of magnificent, super-heroic work done by Bill Browder to memorialize Sergei Magnitsky, a Bible-reading, faithful Russian lawyer who stood single-handedly against the Russian mob, which is headed by Putin.

The heirarchy is this: Putin – Oligarchs – Russian People.  If you are not Putin or one of 20 Oligarchs, you are “little people” fighting with knives in a darkened concrete bunker for food, clothing, housing, a car, fuel, life. It is the result of anti-christ communism, the murder of the believers, the Soviet Union, government schools (US public education is increasingly similar), the gulags, Stalin, and socialism/Bolshevism all piked up in a heap and suddenly turning capitalists.  A few were able to obtain state industries very quickly and become billionaires literally overnight.  The oligarchs.  Putin is the leader of the oligarchs, and Putin wants the Magnitsky Act removed.

Magnitsky was “arrested” with blatant illegality, illegally imprisoned, tortured for months and finally beat to death handcuffed to his prison bed.  The beating was actually prescribed by the prison medical director.  The official lies at every level will make the reader of RED NOTICE shake his head in disbelief, that we deal with this same government every day.

Bill Browder – Hero

The lies and crime in Russia are immeasurable in their national scope.  Russia is a nation of crime and criminals.  The younger people are more inclined towards integrity, but for the most part, every person in a position of power, money or influence is bought, bribed, owned and on the take.

With many noble exceptions, certainly.

But the buck stops with Putin, and he did almost everything he could to silence Browder.  Browders book, RED NOTICE, reads like the pages are on fire and when you read this book you will never see Putin or Russia in the same light again.  Steve Pieczenik, an experienced CIA manager and Washington DC inside influencer, has a fairly respectful opinion of Putin, as did Indomitus.  But after analyzing Putin’s actions in the Browder situation, we concluded that Putin is a greedy, murdering, power-hungry player who orders the murder of his opponents whenever he thinks it is in his interest to do so.  Like Lecter, his blood pressure never rises.  He is a lost man, a man of the world, and killing is just part of doing business.

The key to Putin is this – Anything which enhances his control over Russia will be interesting to Putin.  The more control he has, the more power he will seek.  He is similar to Thanus in that respect.  Just as Thanus sought power in order to obtain additional power, and he did so with every waking breath, so does Mr. Putin seek to increase his political power so that he can increase his political power even more.  If he thought he could rule the world, he would absolutely pursue it.

That said Mr. Trump, recognize that if Putin has an opportunity to harm you and also increase his power inside Russia while surviving harming you, he will almost surely do it.  His position will be that you “should have anticipated his action”.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has officially been invited to Washington.

White House National Security Adviser John Bolton confirmed Friday that Putin had received a formal invitation to meet with Trump in D.C., Reuters reports. If Putin accepts, the meeting would take place in 2019, and it would be Putin’s first time sitting down with a president in the U.S. in four years.

It would also be Putin’s first meeting with a president in Washington since he met with George W. Bush at the White House in 2005, Fox News reports. “We have invited President Putin to Washington after the first of the year for, basically, a full day of consultations,” Bolton said. “What the scheduling of that is we don’t quite know yet.”

The White House had previously discussed the idea of Putin visiting in the fall, but some critics called on the Trump administration to rescind that invite after the Helsinki summit. That meeting with Putin earned Trump widespread condemnation when he appeared to side with the Russian president over his own intelligence agencies by saying Russia had no reason to interfere in the 2016 election. Trump and Putin are scheduled to meet in Paris on Nov. 11. Brendan Morrow