Trump Slaps Down Pelosi, Schumer & “Democrats” in Meeting Over The Wall VS The Shutdown

Democrats Leave Trump Heads Down, Beaten, Bruised, Grim and Dominated

The meeting, held today, was a much bigger meeting than folks realize, but you can see on the faces of these beaten “Democrats” that they know they just got their asses kicked.

  • Pelosi is doing the ‘Brain Scratching’ Russell Crowe did in “A Beautiful Mind”, every time he was perplexed.
  • Schumer won’t even look up, practically choking himself on his necktie to avoid the public eye of the camera.
  • The other two “Democrats” are tight-lipped and grim-faced, with the dude on your left thinking “Well Schumer, WTF are you going to do now?


Trump won the battle of the Wall.  The Democrats (I hate that word and what it represents) realize that Trump can successfully declare our porous southern border a national emergency, and build the wall with no input, permission, dollars or approval needed from them.

Our leaky borders are indeed a national emergency, which is why the voters who voted for Trump, voted for Trump.  It IS an emergency, which is why we demand that he BUILD THE WALL.  The Democrats don’t want the problem resolved, specifically because the Democrats will turn the illegals into votes and into welfare addicts.  This is a matter of life and death for the DNC, as stated in Debbie Wasserman’s letter of two years ago (and damn, the letter has been scrubbed from the net).  I searched for “confidential letter DNC open borders dnc survival”.

It’s gone, and its not on my PC anymore, either.  Wasserman wrote it.  Bottom line was that the left absolutely must have open borders to survive.  This being so, now you can understand why The Wall is so hated by them.  The Wall kills socialism in America.  The Wall strengthens the conservative Americans, strengthens the right, strengthens the Constitution.  The Wall is much more than a mere barrier to illegal entry, and the Left will do whatever they can do to stop the construction of effective border security.

As for the confidential letter that I cannot find, too late I made security changes that do make it much more difficult for “them” to find this particular PC.  Indomitus has been attacked, once quite successfully, for quite a while.

Kudos to Trump and to America.  As he accomodates the shutdown, Trump will become increasingly comfortable with unilaterally building the wall under National Security cover.  He can do it, and he should do it.  This is a Teddy Rooseveldt situation, or a Lincoln situation where “the ayes have it.”

Get to it, Mr. Trump.  These are the days when individuals have to take the weight of the world on their shoulders.  You do have the National Security card in your hand.  Play it.