Trump Declassifies FICA Docs – Democrats Seditiously Incite Rebellion

The”FISA Docs” that are getting all the attention are the FISA documents that the Obama Administration used to manipulate the FISA Court to allow a spying operation to

proceed against the Donald J. Trump Presidential campaign.

‘FISA’ stands for ‘Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act’, and it basically requires special court permission to obtain permission to spy on American citizens.  So the Obama Administration dummied up a “Dossier”, written by a professional British deceiver named Christopher Steele.

The infamous “anti-Trump dossier” written by former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele is the first piece of evidence cited against Page in the application. FBI officials and House Democrats have said the government did not corroborate most of the dossier, nor did the FISA warrant request heavily rely on the unverified intelligence. However, the FISA application reveals the FBI believed the dossier was “reliable.” They also used it to allege the meeting between Page and Diveykin.

The warrant against Page was renewed three times: in January 2017, April 2017, and June 2017. It ultimately expired in September 2017.

Subsequent investigation revealed that the Steel “dossier” was all garbage, created and used specifically to fraudulently obtain a FISA Warrant to spy on Trump.

Donald J. Trump - Warrior
Donald J. Trump – Warrior

That’s pretty simple to follow.  In fact, we can follow the late John McCain all the way to Comey’s former FBI offoce, because McCain hand-carried the fabricated Steel Dossier to Comey.  Its a New World Order (NWO)/Global Governance/Deep State/Shadow Government treasonous effort to get someone in bed with them into the Whitehouse, and get Donald J. Trump, who stands for the US Constitution, liberty and American prosperity – OUT.

They don’t own Trump, and cannot control him.  He has different values, and in spite of his severe lapses in moral conduct, he otherwise can easily handle the job of President, and do quite well in that role.  That said, Indomitus.US is all in for Donald J. Trump.  In the face of the mountain of treason from many key personnel in DC, Trump is still winning and will eventually crush these traitors.

We look forward to their defeat and imprisonment/death/suicide.  This is very serious business.

The Marxist Democrats Overstep Their Authority

Below is a copy of the letter the Democrats, who are behind most of the treason, sent to the decision-makers regarding Trumps order to release the FISA documents.  The Democrats do not have any authority here, but are lending their names and a written letter to any who have bones enough to stand in the way of Trump, who has total authority over declassification.

No one will prevail in stopping Trump on this matter.  The authority is his and he can enforce his directives with deadly force, if necessary.  If deadly force becomes necessary, and it might, we agree with the use of it.  Rebellion is best put down early, and with prejudice.

The Democrat FISA Panic Letter

The Gang of Eight is a colloquial term for a set of eight leaders within the United States Congress who are briefed on classified intelligence matters by the executive branch. Specifically, the Gang of Eight includes the leaders of each of the two parties from both the Senate and House of Representatives, and the chairs and ranking minority members of both the Senate Committee and House Committee for intelligence as set forth by 50 U.S.C. § 3093(c)(2).

Under normal conditions, the President of the United States is required by Title 50 U.S.C. § 3091(a)(1) to “ensure that the congressional intelligence committees are kept fully and currently informed of the intelligence activities of the United States, including any significant anticipated intelligence activity as required by [the] title.” However, under “extraordinary circumstances”, when the President thinks “it is essential to limit access” to information about a covert action, 50 U.S.C. § 3093(c)(2) allows the President to limit reporting to the Gang of Eight.

This situation is the exact reverse: The President is DECLASSIFYING things . . . he wants the American People to know the facts, know the truth.  These members of Congress are turning the concept of the “Gang of Eight” on its head in an effort to STOP disclosure of the facts!

The ‘Gang of Eight’ has no role in declassification, and the Gang of Eight, using their own signatures, became guilty of sedition when they signed it.

“Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward insurrection against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent towards, or resistance against lawful authority.

The signatories are plainly guilty of incitement of resistance against Trumps lawful authority vested in his position as President of The United States.  Now, Mr. Trump, what action will you take against these cretans?

The individuals who signed this letter are CORRUPT.  They are intentionally overstepping their authority as members of the Legislative Branch of government, trying to usurp Presidential authority by directly interfering with two Executive Branch Departments that are BOTH under the sole control of the President!

Desperation As Their Ship Sinks

These individuals are desperate to CONCEAL from the American people that the Democrat Party, via its elected officials and supporters who were in government employment during the Obama regime:

  • LIED to federal courts
  • Obtained search and wiretap warrants without probable cause
  • Fabricated phony “evidence” in furtherance of this Conspiracy
  • Engaged in unlawful spying on an incoming President of the United States.

This is huge, and might culminate in kinetic action in Washington, D.C. itself.  Why do we think this?  Because the seditious are hopelessly desperate.  To think this attack on the lawfully elected President of the United States, which was vetted in Obama’s office, in his chair, in his mind will end peacefully is… hopeful.  But there are many long-term high-level people deeply buried in this fraud.  When they believe their own arrest is immediate, they will do what all desperate criminals do.

Defend President Trump

If you are CIA or Secret Service or FBI or “other”, defend the President.  You joined your organization to ‘get the bad guys’, to stop evil, to do good.  And now your own organization is being ripped in half because of the sedition against Trump.

Trump is the man.  He was elected by people who love America, and who love what America stands for historically.  We want a strong and noble America, pure in thought, pure in act, and pure in motivation.  We stand for integrity, for honesty.  We believe in the Biblical background for the establishment of America.  We know that America was established by the Bible-believing pilgrims who risked everything to come to this wild land in order to simply believe the Word and live in peace.  We still cherish those things.

If you are in any position to defend the President, do so.  Take action against any office or co-workers who speak of sedition.  Root them out.  Probe.  Keep your ears open.  Remember that the US Constitution is the governing document of the United States.  The US Constitution is the LAW.  If you are confused about what to do, read the US Constitution and be strong.

Too long we have embraced liberal ambiguity.  Now we are paying the price for our lack of national integrity.  Let us pay the price now so that our children can live in the light of axiomatic liberty – fundamental, based on Truth regarding what ‘liberty’ is.

These Democrats are so utterly desperate to conceal the truth, they’re willing to directly, intentionally and actively interfere with the American people’s right to know what our government has done.

THIS is what the Democrat Party has come to be.  They are truly Domestic Enemies of America and enemies of the truth.

The patience of the American People with these Seditious Democrats is gone.  Patience with Trump if he does not take vigorous action will become strained, as it is already with his immoral whore-mongering.

Bottom line: The Legislative Branch cannot “Order” the Executive Branch to do anything without passing a law.  Since Democrats are not a majority of either house of Congress, they have ZERO chance of doing that.

The President has issued the Order to his departments and they must obey.  If they fail or refuse he can walk over there start FIRING every person who refuses until he gets to someone who obeys.  It’s THAT simple.

Democrats in Congress are so petrified of the truth coming out about their intentional misuse the Intelligence apparatus of the United States to LIE to federal Courts and obtain Spy Warrants against incoming President Donald Trump, using false information given to the courts, that they are now ORDERING the Department of Justice and FBI to IGNORE a Presidential Order!

There’s just one tiny problem: The DOJ and FBI work for the President, not Congress.  Moreover, the Democrats do not hold majorities in either house of Congress, so they are in no position AT ALL to “order” anyone to do anything.

Here are the details and an except from the letter they sent to the DOJ and FBI . . .

On September 17, it became public knowledge that President Trump had ORDERED the Department of Justice and the FBI to declassify Text Messages and Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court applications connected to the totally bogus “Russia Collusion” investigation.

Those Text messages and the application to the courts will PROVE that elements within the Department of Justice and the FBI intentionally LIED to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court, used phony evidence that THEY FABRICATED as justification for obtaining Warrants to spy on incoming President Trump and his campaign, and CONCEALED their nefarious efforts from the American people.

The White House announced the President’s Order On September 17.

The President’s Order caused the Democrats to utterly PANIC.  They realized that if the text messages and FISA court documents were made available to the American people, it would prove beyond any doubt that the Democrat Party misused government power to illegally spy on an incoming President, and to wreck his Presidency before he ever took office.  Democrats don;t want the American people to find out their whole “Russia Collusion” story was a made-up falsehood they they used to DUPE the American people for the last two years.

So on Tuesday, September 18, the Democrats did something heretofore unimaginable: They wrote to the DOJ and FBI telling them to IGNORE a Presidential Order!