This Is How We Suspect Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Is Dying From Cancer. Money On She Steps Down

Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1953
Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1953.  Beautiful.

The way to interpret statements made by “authorities” is to

1. Note the statement
2. Look for related facts
3. Measure what you learn with what you know
4. Created a measured hypothesis

So the statement we hear is that “No further treatment is required“, made by Ginsburg voice Kathy Arberg.  “No further treatment is required” against an unknown, malignant lung cancer means that Ginsburg has about six months to live.  This mirrors the McCain statement that he, too, needed no further treatment.  It is resignation to the fact that death is imminent, and that any further treatment would only do more harm, create more misery and maybe prolong that misery.  The capper is the doctor’s claim of ignorance regarding the type of cancer they cut out of her.  It is lung cancer, which is the most deadly cancer we deal with in 2019.  What “type” it might be, on an 84 yr old woman with several recent cancer surgeries on different parts of her body, is probably irrelevant.

1. Colon cancer – 1999
2. Pancreatic cancer – 2009
3. Pancreatic cancer spread to her lungs (this surgery) – 2018

Regular as clockwork, Ms. Ginsburg seems to be a cancer magnet.  More likely is that they sure as hell do know, and will not say because it is “the fast kind”.

Indomiti will be surprised if Ginsburg ever makes it back into the Courthouse.  Maybe one last time, to receive some accolades from fellow wicked who will show up to the announced “return” to clap and shout.  But Ginsburg is done.  Trump, get that new pick made. The most conservative, qualified, non-CATHOLIC (this time) human being you can find.

She survived pancreatic cancer thanks to an early diagnosis in 2009, and in 1999 underwent surgery, chemotherapy and radiation for colon cancer.

Ginsburg is one of the four liberal members of the Supreme Court, and is somewhat of an icon among progressives. The justice, 85, was hospitalized in November after she fell in her office and broke three ribs. Ginsburg is notorious for maintaining a strenuous exercise regime, but recent health scares such as the broken ribs and Friday’s surgeries raise questions about her health and ability to remain on the court.

Dr. Raja Flores, chair of thoracic surgery at Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City, told CBS News that since Ginsburg survived pancreatic and colon cancer, it’s likely that slow-moving cancer cells from one of her pancreas.those diagnoses spread to her lungs. Flores did not treat Ginsburg and hasn’t spoken to the doctor who did, but he suspects pathology tests will show that the lesions came from her pancreas (speculation-ed)

Ginsburg seems riddled with cancer.  If “No more treatment is required“, (and lung cancer is the most deadly), it almost certainly means they have lit the boat and set her sail.

Ginsburg To Skip Another Week

A Supreme Court spokesperson announced Friday that Ruth Bader Ginsburg will miss next week’s Supreme Court arguments.

This marks the second consecutive week Ginsburg will be absent from the bench.

“Her recovery from surgery is on track. Post-surgery evaluation indicates no evidence of remaining disease, and no further treatment is required,” said spokesperson Kathy Arberg.

Ginsburg was hospitalized following a fall in November where doctors discovered cancerous tumors on her left lung.

The tumors were removed in December and although reports state Ginsburg is ‘cancer free,’ a doctor cautioned “we still don’t know what type of cancer Ginsburg had removed.”

Dr. Bentivegna, M.D. says the media who have commented on Ginsburg’s health are “underestimating the severity of her illness,” and that “President Trump has a reasonable chance” of replacing Ginsburg in his first term.

Dr. Bentivegna says that since the modules were malignant, the odds are very high that this is stage IV or metastatic cancer (meaning it can spread to other organs).

In the most optimistic scenario, the tumors removed were “primary lung tumors” meaning her prognosis could be “excellent” wrote the doctor in a blog post.

Dr. Bentivegna, who wished Ginsburg a speedy recovery and long life, also said that the doctors and the media who have commented on Ginsburg’s health are “underestimating the severity of her illness.”

Sources are saying Ginsburg is preparing to step down and the White House is bracing for impact as well.

The Trump White House is quietly planning her imminent departure and “is taking the temperature on possible short-list candidates, reaching out to key stakeholders, and just making sure that people are informed on the process, reported Politico.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka said Thursday night that Ginsburg is preparing to step down from the Supreme Court. Are you ready for what will ensue?

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