The Perpetual Problem: Its IQ, Not Racism

Forrest Gump should be here to comment on the race-baiting happening in America these days.  I wish he would show up.  Lately, in addition to the laughable “toxic masculinity” meme (parents, raise better sons), we find that “white” (Anglo or Caucasian) women are the hate targets of the mentally retarded Africans who use nicknames like “Becky” in their drowning attempts to insult Anglo women, Anglo women who are in almost every instance, smarter and more culturally advanced in every way than their African antagonists.

First, a quick google search on “average African IQ”… oh my, and we are not making this stuff up…

Wicherts, Dolan, and van der Maas (2009) contend that the average IQ of sub-Saharan Africans is about 80. A critical evaluation of the studies presented by WDM shows that many of these are based on unrepresentative elite samples. We show that studies of 29 acceptably representative samples on tests other than the Progressive Matrices give a sub-Saharan Africa IQ of 69; studies of the most satisfactory representative samples on the Standard Progressive Matrices give an IQ of 66; studies of 23 acceptably representative samples on the Colored Progressive Matrices give an IQ of 71. The international studies of mathematics, science, and reading give a sub-Saharan African IQ of 66. The four data sets can be averaged to give an IQ of 68 as the best reading of the IQ in sub-Saharan Africa.

Well, there you have it.  Blacks, a great many of them anyway, are indeed mentally retarded.  Not mongoloid, but mentally retarded none the less.  This isn’t “racism”, but is established, scientifically measured, evaluated and peer-reviewed fact.  Fact.  You know, fact.  We are not the white men keeping the black man down, we are simply reviewing empirical data and reporting truth.  Like much “truth” there are many who hate it, fight it, vilify it, and do anything other than accept it.  You might be one of those who hates truth and subsequently you will probably hate this information.

But it is still the truth.

Here is another IQ-by-country site:

So let’s just get down to the base metal here: Blacks are largely mentally retarded and the FACTS are the basis of this conclusion.  Not all, but a huge percentage of them.  Their brains just do not light up in certain regions, apparently, and trouble, dependency, confusion and hostility is just about all a rational society can expect from them.  Blacks will never own up to their genetic cerebral substandard, and will constantly accuse Anglos and Asians of being “racists”, when in fact blacks just cannot grasp that they do not fit into advanced cultures.  To them, the “white man” is evil because the “white man” controls the world.  It never occurs to blacks that over time, the cream rises to the top, that over time, the best man wins, that over time, the strongest and most effective minds rule.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Intellectual disability
Synonyms: Intellectual developmental disability (IDD), general learning disability[1]
Intellectual disability (ID), also known as general learning disability[3] and mental retardation (MR),[4][5] is a generalized neurodevelopmental disorder characterized by significantly impaired intellectual and adaptive functioning. It is defined by an IQ under 70 in addition to deficits in two or more adaptive behaviors that affect everyday, general living.  

Leadership of successful cultures will never fall to blacks as a race or culture unless it is given to them, because they just do not have the intellect, in general, to manage it.  There is a reason that Africa is still just as backward and corrupt as it was five hundred years ago, and it is not “the white man keeping the black man down.”  If blacks “had it”, then Africa would rival Europe, or China, or America.  It would be Negros sailing the high seas in massive wooden sailing ships hundreds of years ago.  The printing press, light bulb, internal combustion engine, Bill of Rights, penicillin – all would have had an equal opportunity in Africa if Africans had the mental firepower and the character to invent and build industries.

But no.

Obviously Africans cannot feed, clothe, house or govern themselves up to any reasonable standard of success.  This is true across the entire African continent.  Where Negros rule, poverty and decay rule.  In much of Africa, the blacks still rely on sharp sticks and mud huts for maintaining life.  In 2018, when the Anglo and Asian worlds are considering whether or not to literally dwell as a conscious human mind within the network called the Internet, blacks are still trying to get the maximum performance from a sharpened stick.

Do not cite South Africa as a model of Negro success.  It was a model of European/Anglo/Caucasian success, then given to the Negros who are steadily and irreversibly destroying, murdering, raping and stealing South Africa into hell.

Apartheid worked, and the blacks lived better, safer and in greater health under Apartheid.  Under Negro rule – death, disease, murder, rape, and on and on.

Retarded, no matter how you slice it.  Dumb.  Intellectually crippled.  Impossible to raise this genetic strain to higher performance, because the brains in those heads are apparently incapable of growth.  Clearly, after all the decades and centuries of Anglo involvement in Africa, if intellectual and cultural advancement was going to happen, it would have happened.  Blacks, or black-dominated cultures, will never, ever be capable of even shadowing Anglos and Asians.  If this were not true, there would be exemplary nations to prove it, and not the fantasy of Wakanda.

There are outstanding exceptions.  Dr. Ben Carson comes to mind.  If you have not seen the biographical movie of him (Gifted Hands), you are missing one of the finest story’s you will ever come across.  Ben Carson is a man that I am not “worthy of tying his sandals”.  He is a true superstar, and he is also a negro.  Apparently.  Skin color says “yes”, and that is all we have to go by so far.  Obama, too, is no slouch.  But he is, as blacks commonly say, “white on the inside.” And he is.

Indomitus wrote the preceding article after reading the article republished below.  Racism – we will not whine about it.  Racism is as much a part of human nature as is cursing the referees of a sporting event.  Racism is “my team is better than your team”, and racism fades away to zero when we have good friends who are of a different race.  Racism plays on a global scale, or regional, but in personal lives, it is not a “reality”.  Indomitus has had many friends who are/were negros (were = some are deceased), and named one of his fine Anglo sons after one of his black friends.

Love conquers all, indeed.  Racism does play when looking at large numbers of people of any race group.  So while you and I might have negro friends or spouses or neighbors, when we look at blacks as a single organism, we find deep resentment and open hostility from a very large segment of that population.  So racism is indeed a fact when comparing cultures, and it should be.  Racism is merely examining and comparing race traits, which is something that blacks instinctively fear.  It is the negro race in America, in Africa, wherever blacks are in competition with Anglos or Asians for food or work or money, that fears the truth about African genetics.  They are, with some significant exceptions, unable to compete, and are drowning as intellect is increasingly demanded from a relentlessly advancing society.

Their goal, then, is to tear down the culturally superior Anglo and Asian races while they can still act.  Using tools such as guilt, “shaming”, violence, shouting “racist” in a crowded theater, teaching from colleges by black professors that white men must die, that whites must be exterminated – things like that are major proofs that blacks are incapable of cohabiting with any other race.  They cannot even cohabit among other blacks, re: hutus and tutsis.  Where they were given command of existing and successful territory, they murder and destroy, and this is official Public POLICY from the negro President of South Africa.  And the snake Louis Farrakhan wants and preaches whites dead.

Giving ground to mentally and morally deficient cultures is a stupid, culturally suicidal thing to do.

The article below was originally published at  It stimulated me to contribute the content above, and you will benefit from reading it.  Follow some links, learn some things and break the yoke of cultural conditioning.  We’re being felt up by social pedos. Put an end to it.

2018: When the War On “Beckys”—White Women—Got Serious, by Nicholas Stix

The murderous race war against whites that has covered for its 19 years has entered a new and in some ways more chilling and potentially dangerous phase. I believe the time has come for victims to consider legal action.

Actual anti-white attacks, say, with a sucker punch to the side of the head from a black thug playing the knockout game—or, even worse, suffering a visit from the Carr Brothers—are bad enough.

But now the Cultural Marxist Left and its Main Stream Media spear carriers want to punish and even criminalize whites who even try to stop such crimes by calling 911.

The new way to strike fear into the hearts of the white man or woman who calls 911: dox and destroy any white who reports blacks “doing “everyday activities.” The premise: those whites are racist, and must be publicly humiliated, and where possible, personally, professionally and financially destroyed.

Doxxing might just be the half of it. LaTanya Garrett, right, a black state legislator in Michigan has called for laws criminalizing whites who call the police on blacks. [New Michigan bill would stop 911 calls for breathing while black by Rochelle Riley, Detroit Free Press, September 7, 2018]

The focus is on white women, known by the racial slur Beckys, when they call 911. Typically, they are alarmed by blacks who refuse to obey laws or rules everyone else must follow. Then the MSM vigilantes say they’re only “doing everyday activities.” Someone films the encounter, which might involve police, then the MSM and/or racial activists dox the women and try to ruin them.

One of the worst cases this year: the Philadelphia Starbucks Hoax. [Smearing the Smearers, by David Cole, Taki’s, April 24, 2018]

Two black men sat down in the coffee emporium without ordering. They obviously wanted to be arrested, and waited and waited for a white employee to tell them they had to order something. But the employees studiously ignored them. Then the men asked a counter clerk for the key to use the bathroom, which is for paying customers only.

Following her training, the white woman manager asked the men to either order or leave. The men refused. Again following her training, the manager called police. They asked the men several times to leave, and again, they refused. The cops, following their training, arrested them.

Antiwhite activist Melissa DePino was in the Starbucks. She video-recorded and spread the hoax through social media.

DePino repeatedly stated that the man did nothing wrong and were waiting for a friend. [Woman Who Shared Philadelphia Starbucks Arrest Video Tells Her Story, by Victor Fiorillo,, April 14, 2018]

That, of course, is a lie. Two legitimate authorities at the store told them leave. They refused. That’s trespassing.

Amusingly, the two men turned the original aims of the civil rights movement on its head.Lunch-counter sit-in activists simply wanted to eat in segregated restaurants. The Philly hoaxers trespassed and refused to order in an integrated restaurant.

Sorry, but you can’t just occupy space in a restaurant without ordering, even when waiting for friend. I was once booted from a Greek joint after my friend arrived and were ready to order.

Memo to DePino (who afterward launched an antiwhite outfit, From Privilege to Progress): We have something in America called private property.

Of course, DePino, whose Twitter-page background is a piece of art that says “This Doesn’t Happen To White People,” doesn’t care about that.

On cue, Starbucks chieftain Kevin Johnson fired the white woman manager (race can beat gender if both are involved), and publicly apologized to the trespassers [‘I Personally Apologize.’ Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson Speaks Out After Black Men Arrested in Philadelphia Store, by Kate Samuelson, Time, April 16, 2018]. Philadelphia Police Commissioner Richard Ross Jr. initially defended his officers, but then recalled that he was black and they were white. So he, too, apologized. [Philadelphia’s top cop apologizes to black men arrested at Starbucks, by Ray Sanchez and Olivia Kiely, CNN, April 19, 2018]

A farago of the usual “news” stories followed, all with the same narrative: racist white woman and racist white cops roust two innocent black men who just wanted to use the bathroom.

After the Philly Starbucks hoax, the inevitable avalanche of similar anti-white-woman stories began. Race hustlers and anti-white media even gave cute nicknames to the white women. We read about “Barbeque Becky” and “Permit Patty.” But somehow, the woman who called campus police on a black coed napping in a dormitory common area didn’t deserve her own handle. I humbly suggest “Sleepy Sarah.”

Taki’s brilliant columnist David Cole followed up on several of the prominent cases, and found that every single one was a hoax. [Racial Immunity, June 19, 2018]

Nevertheless, the New York Times revived them in a sarcastic Op Ed by an angry black woman. [To the Next ‘BBQ Becky’: Don’t Call 911. Call 1-844-WYT-FEAR, October 22, 2018]

Newsflash for the angry black woman: Not enforcing laws and rules on blacks makes life miserable for whites. As James Fulford and Ann Coulter recently reminded us, not enforcing those laws and rules can have consequences: “Dead Beckys.”

I’m happy to help the angry black woman produce a video about that, but anyway, here are a few of the lynchings of white women who called cops. The first one, quite clearly, didn’t want to become a “Dead Becky.”

  • On October 14 in St. Louis, Hilary Thornton, also known as “Cathy the Condo Cop” and “Apartment Patty,” encountered D’Arreion Nuriyah Toles. Thornton was walking her dog when Toles showed up at the condo building door. Thornton refused to let him in because he refused to obey building rules and show his key fob. He pushed by her, which, legally, might have been assault.

Of course, Toles’s video went viral with headlines like one on NBC: White Woman Attempts To Block Black Man From Entering His Apartment Building.[New viral videos again highlight calls made on black people who have done nothing wrong, by Elisha Fieldstadt, October 13, 2018] Note that Toles either refuses or is unable to comprehend or acknowledge why she won’t let him in the building.

Anyone viewing it learned Thornton’s exact address and apartment number, and unsurprisingly, she has reported receiving death threats.

A neighbor defended her and said she always refuses strangers entry, and Thornton—who, Fox News reports, “is still legally married to an African-American man”—showed the reporter emails from board members emphasizing that she was not to permit any strangers to enter the building. The board’s president and one other member defended her privately to the reporter—but refused to do so publicly. [Woman in viral video with black man speaks out after being fired, defends her actions by Vic Faust, Fox2Now St. Louis, October 16, 2018.]

The truth mattered not. “Apartment Patty,” the world learned, was just another intolerable white racist calling the cops on a black man doing an “everyday thing.” Her employer fired her.

  • On October 30, a white woman called the Portland, Oregon parking authority because a black driver illegally parked in a crosswalk. Journalists doxed “Crosswalk Cathy.”
  • In the most recent case, a white-enough, Chipotle’s manager in St. Paul, Minnesota, was fired because she refused to serve notorious black dine-and-dash thief Masud Ali and his accomplices before they paid. She recognized him as having ripped off the restaurant just days earlier.

She should have had him arrested, but she must have known that wasn’t going to fly with her bosses.

The black thief feigned outrage at the indignity of being called a thief.

But then the company brass discovered tweets he’d deleted, going back to 2015, in which he bragged of his career as a thief and threatened to beat any woman manager who tried to stop him. He also confessed to repeatedly ripping off Chipotle.

Masud has twice been convicted of theft, including one time for over $1,000-worth of property (felony), but has never spent more than two days in jail.

Chipotle’s brass fired the manager anyway. They had “no choice.” [ Chipotle Caught Lying After Firing “Racist” Manager; Backpedals When Internet Outs Food Thief by Tyler Durden, ZeroHedge, November 18, 2018]

Then Chipotle apologized and offered the manager her job back—but lied yet again, claiming it “reviewed additional facts relating to the incident” [Chipotle apologizes, offers to rehire manager seen in viral video asking customers to prepay, ABC7Eyewitness News Chicago, November 20, 2018].

The question is who all these victims of media, corporate and generic leftist racism can fight back. My answer: what any good American would do—file lawsuits!

They can start with lawsuits against employers for wrongful termination, and then the doxers, and anyone else who contacts their employers, for tortuous interference; i.e., intentionally damaging a plaintiff’s contractual or business relationship with a third party.

As for the newspapers, television stations and websites, the victims should sue for defamation. Court precedents such as New York Times v. Sullivan that prevent public figures from successful claims won’t protect the defendants in these cases. These victims aren’t public figures. They can sue … and win.

Currently, they cannot sue Facebook, Twitter or other social media because those websites, under Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, aren’t strictly publishers. The law treats them as community bulletin boards that do not edit or control content. That claim has become laughable given that the sites are in fact acting as publishers and editors when they demand changes and/or delete content—like mine!—they find unsuitable. But justice in this area must await legislation.

Nevertheless, the Still-Living Beckys can sue the users for defamation. Even if they don’t win, it’s worth it. Defending a defamation claim can easily cost $25,000.

This Race War On Beckys must be stopped in its tracks. And not just because innocent whites, frequently women, are being smeared. If whites are cowed into not reporting miscreant blacks, who in fact do commit wholly disproportionate amounts of crime, the result will be more “Dead Beckys”—and another step towards the subjugation of the Historic American Nation.