The Complete Live Video of the Wildly Abusive, Ultra Racist, Disgusting Negros Inciting the Covington Incident.

This video is from the personal cell phone of the actual negro perpetrators who instigated the whole Covington incident.  They are so racist, so wicked and so abusive that it actually made Indomitus’ stomach churn.

Share this far and wide.  Take it to church, to your Mason lodge, to the Senate offices, to your knitting circle, your shooting range.  Burn DVD’s and give them away.  This perfectly represents what Americans, especially anglos, are up against.  If this behavior is not dealt with and stopped

This is NOT safe for work, and you need headphones because you don’t want anyone hearing this vile filth from these revolting people.

The indian banging the drum is with these violent, racist negros, and you can see him intentionally walk right up to the boys, get in their faces and bang his drum.  The boys simply stood their ground.

All I can say is God, damn the left. These people have to go.

Listen to the whole thing, its long, but the time passes quickly because these negros are so tremendously abusive.  One lone black man stands up to these so-called “Black Hebrew Israelis”, and they call him an Uncle Tom and other things.  But we must admire his courage.  No one came to stand with him.  Chicken shit people.

Around 46 minutes in, it gets really bad.  It will disturb you, and we apologize for that.  Feel free to download and put up elsewhere.

And we still want details on the location of the Uncle Shoe person who wants to kill the Covington boys.  Any help will be appreciated.











And more of the aftermath of “liberal” anti-christ, violent, wicked, demonic people…