Stone VS Mueller: Its A Liberal Freak Show With No Winner, And Mueller Hides The Evidence.

Its a freak show, actually.  The democrat war against the Right shows a determined criminal left doing everything it can to crush conservatives and the Rule of Law.  There is a core cadre of communists/globalists/statists within the progressive/democrat body of believers that will do absolutely anything to win.  We like their determination, and would love to see the Right dominate them.

We can, certainly, if the Right would coalesce and speak up.  By “speak up”, we don’t mean tweet and debate.  We mean roar like a lion, and rip some leftists open.  The Right has too many good-mannered people, and not enough teeth breakers.  Seriously boys and girls, you need to learn how to fight with blood in your eyes, and to feel good about absolutely eviscerating your opponent.

Imagine that there is a rattlesnake or a cobra in the floorboard of your car at your feet, and you discover it as you are cruising down the Interstate at 75 MPH.  That is a situation which demands immediate action, and that is where we are now.  In fact, if Mr. Trump had a more courageous body of believers, we would be winning this fight.  As it is, the Right, the true Right, sits at home saying to whomever will listen “Don’t worry.  Trump will win.  Wait and see.”

What a jackass mouth.

All while Pelosi and the new Marxist ideologue electee, the Ocasio-Cortez  burrito with that toothy and perpetually open mouth that is shaped exactly like the upper and lower jaws of a donkey force Trumps knees to buckle on the shutdown and the wall.  Last headline I saw on that matter today was Trump begging for a “down payment“.  A beggar on the street.  All he needs is a cardboard sign hung around his neck: “Will beg for wall“.

Trump will spin it this way: “See, I asked and asked and asked, shutting down the government longer than any President in the history of America, of America, and the democrats didn’t care.  They don’t care about security.  They don’t love America.  They only care about themselves.”

They put Trump on his knees, begging for a “down payment”.  Pathetic.  Ms. Coulter was right – he folded just like she said he would.  Sadly, she was only trying to give him some intestinal fortitude when she said Trump would fold.  She hoped that he would go all out to win this one, but he lost, quit, folded, caved, fell to his knees begging for a “down payment”.

So Mueller, emboldened by the Pelosi/Burrito win, sends armored cars, river patrol boats, scuba divers, snipers and machine guns to Roger Stones front door around 6 AM a day or so ago.  I forget exactly but it doesn’t matter, as its all theater. Remember this: Trump met with Mueller the night before Trump appointed Mueller.  No discussion on that discussion.  Interesting.

Anyway, Stone is “arrested” and hauled before a judge.  The judge says “please sign here and don’t be late for court“, then sends Stone right back home. Not one single cop was necessary, but Mueller sent the US Army and Navy and called in CNN to broadcast the whole fraud.

So Stones attorney wants his lawful copy of Stones congressional testimony transcripts. which are “classified“, according to Bobby “Yellowcake” Mueller, and therefore Stone cannot obtain a COPY OF HIS OWN TESTIMONY – because its a secret.

That bit of sweet lunacy absolutely defines this entire Trump/Mueller fiasco.  What Mr. Trump knows but is apparently hypnotized by it is that all of this nonsense by Sessions/Mueller et al is two fold:

A. Discover a delightfully treasonous crime, or baring that,
B. wear Trump down, confuse him, take his eye off the ball and try to get a democrat in office in 2020.

TRUMP The Builder

Mr Trump is missing opportunity after opportunity to pull rabbits out of a hat.  On the Wall, he sure as hell can have Mexico build it, and Mexico will love him for it and be eternally grateful for both Trump and the Wall (Yes, its a proper noun now).  Instead of spending USD $5bn on the wall, spend it helping Mexico build infrastructure, schools, manufacturing facilities and irrigation/water facilities.  Build up some good towns, build some good roads and exterminate the gangs.  Just go after them like we allegedly went after the Islamists – hunt them to ground and kill them all.

How in the hell any US President can pass on the best possible nation-building opportunity of a lifetime is a real puzzle.  Build Mexico and the vacuum created by the illegals headed back home to see the new Mexican nation will suck them out of the USA by the millions.  It will be a colossal victory for Mexico, for Trump, for America and the entire northern and southern American hemispheres.

The Wall Might Never Be Necessary

The Democrats cannot say “no” to building Mexico, and that’s how the Wall goes up.  Get the immigration reversed, and while everyone of smiling, fund the wall.  Mexico will want a wall eventually, because it will need to retain the labor.  Raise taxes on Mexican imports slightly and use that to fund the wall.  Tax Ford cars, for example.  Anything built in Mexico pays a slight additional tax.  Keep it simple, and easy to swallow.

Think of the new VOTES, Mr. Trump.  Build WALLS, thousands of them… walls of schools, churches, grocery stores, machine shops, car parts manufacturers, and so on and so forth.  WALLS – thousands of them.  The TRUMP WAY.

Mexico is our neighbor, and plenty of Mexicans fought IN THE ALAMO for the independence of Texas.  These people are our neighbors and we are not helping them in meaningful ways.  Instead, we want a wall (and I do love that wall.  Build it.  But first, build Mexico up and then evaluate the need for a Wall.  Help them with real opportunities.  Kill the gangs.  Slaughter them.  Don’t even bother burying them, just throw the carcasses into a truck, dump them deep in the desert and let the vultures fight over them.  Place bounties on them – $10,000 per head.  Damn man, get serious about this business and get the F off Twitter.


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