Roger Stone After His FBI Arrest – Press Conference Video

Roger Stone is apparently innocent of any “illegal” business pertaining to Donald Trump.  The criminal cabal in the FBI sent 17 vehicles, two boats and at least one bullet-proof armored personnel carrier to his home to arrest him in his underwear.

Mueller: Freak Show

Don’t we have an Attorney General now?  Where the hell is he?  Is the AG going to let this fiasco pass as realistic police work?  Mr. Trump, why don’t you use the authority you have to castrate Mueller right now, today?  Fire him, Mr. Trump.  STOP ALLOWING THIS PERPETUAL FREAK SHOW TO GO ON.  Are you really the absolute loser the LEFT says you are?  WAKE UP.

Props to the censored Alex Jones for paying the bill to hose the press conference.

Quick note on Alex Jones: It was his work exposing 9/11 that, in 2005, woke me.  I remember the moment just as powerfully as I remember the moment I was called to follow Yahuah.  I was sitting at my desk looking for some inmages of the wild spraying I saw over New Mexico, and discovered they are called “chemtrails”.  I clicked on an image and was taken to a site called “Prison Planet“.  There, I learned a lot about chemtrails, and also saw the convincing evidence that 9/11 was an inside job.

I remember pounding my desk with my fist, shouting “No!  No! No! Not our government!”

I was changed forever, and Jones was absolutely correct.