“Q” Poster Gets Two Antarcticans Iced?

See this shot in SpaceShot76 video, dated December 10th, 2018.


On December the 10th, 2018, I watched another interesting SpaceSHot76 video, this one including a couple of Antarctican (yes, I invented the word) scientists broadcasting a “Q” poster.

Two days later, I read of two dead Antarciticans.

Same two?  Cannot prove or disprove it who it was.  The AP apparently did not consider the two worthy of mentioning by name, nor by sex.  No reporters gathered this information, rather it was some information released to the news wires, I suppose.

No details on the mystery chopper pilot who “found them”.  No clinic name/location, Just a “found dead” notice.

Interesting is the “Virginia-based subcontractor”.  CIA is HQ’d in Virginia.  Langley and McLean, to be precise.  How did the publisher know who they worked for and where that company was?  Who told them?  I read that it was a company called PAE .

PAE could easily be a CIA front company.  Global services, Counter threat solutions, security, operating in 60+ foreign nations… and the list goes on and on.

Pilot “saw smoke”.  Is smoke unusual in sub-zero temperatures in places where humans live and work?  He did not, apparently, report an actual fire, and smoke is not mentioned more than one, single time.

McMurdo Station – 800+ miles from South pole.

Death date – Tuesday, 11th.  Video published Monday, 10th.

Despite Antarctica’s absolutely unforgiving hostility to humans, which includes winters where the sun completely disappears for six months at a time, deaths at McMurdo — and Antarctica’s other research stations — are comparatively rare. Excluding shipping and airplane accidents, only six people have been killed on the continent since 1948, prior to this week.

Only six people dead there in 70 years, and most of them by fire.  Is it really likely that these two dead men (I say men, might be women) died by a faulty or error made repairing a fire suppression system?

Does this read like a quickly contrived cover story to you?

One last observation.  The shadows of the flag pole and the pole marker are not parallel.  They are angled towards one another, sharply enough to actually cross in 20 feet or so.  Would that be possible?  No, that is not possible is there is a real sun shining on the two poles simultaneously.  Their shadows would be parallel within some 1000th of an inch, give or take.  Right?  Are we wrong on this point?  The building is correct, and the permanent signage is correct, the flag and the pole marker are all correct, but the shadows seem significantly off and they are side by side, so its easy to observe.

Is the location faked to protect the operators?  Did they get nailed when they uploaded the image to the Internet?  Did they think PAE was not CIA, and that even dummied up images (false background images of sign, pole, flag, etc) would be grounds for termination?  The south pole information would be needed for dramatic reasons, so maybe they just pasted that stuff in, and only the poster and the man holding it are “real”.

Don’t know.  Just two dead Antarcticans one day after posting up on a youtube video, and people just do not die by accident in Antarctica.  Rare, it is.  One death every 12 years or so, and by actual fires.  No fire here.  Just dead guys.