Push Will Come To Shove. We Will Not Compromise With Liberals.

Just banned by FOX News, and banned by CNN yesterday. NBC ran it during NFL once yesterday- then banned it.  SHARE IT 🙂 Interesting little video.  First is Mr. Trumps call for help stopping the massive illegal invasion of the United States.  We at Indomitus.US fully support the immediate incarceration of all illegal aliens, and the deportation of them back to the country of origin, back-billing their own government for the total cost.  Make Mexico pay for every single aliens’ deportation process, right down to the wear on the tires of the aircraft landing on the Mexican tarmac.

Standing up for America will make the world respect us again.

The second half of the video is of a trio of near genius-caliber blacktivists carrying rifles down the street, shouting “right to bear arms“, while waving a “Stacey Abrams” sign.  Abrams, as you might already know, wants guns taken away from gun owners by any method she can get passed in the legislature.

We don’t have words to describe the perplexing stupidity of all of the armed blacktivists in the video.  It is like you supporting as righteous the executioner who is coming to your house to murder you, and that you are willing to fight to the death for the executioners right to kill you.

This is the best of Africa, dear friends.  This is a crystal clear example of why, in Africa, the people still live in mud huts and whose top technology is a sharp stick.  That’s not “racist”, that is reality.  And this stone-cold idiot trio of Negroes is proof.

“Black Power”, he say. Vote Democrat “To Protect Right to Bear Arms”, he say.  “Me and these guns protect you, so the white man wont come…”, he say.  “Vote Abrams”, he say.


Michael Savage is right, Liberalism IS a mental disorder (buy his book – linked).  The bros packing heat in the video above carry Stacey Abrams posters, shouting about their “Constitutional Rights” and telling everyone to go vote for Abrams.

Obviously the man is a moron, doing nothing more that spewing hate for the “white man” he vilifies in the video.  Stacey Abrams is a confiscate-and-destroy democrat, and her positions against guns are well known and documented.

Luis Bracamontes – Delighted With His Murders, Wants To Murder More

Luis Bracamontes, an illegal immigrant from Mexico, totally destroyed the so-called Black Lives Matter movement by killing two police officers by the name of Danny Oliver and Scott Brown outside a Sacramento hotel in 2014. Bracamontes literally laughed and bragged about how he mercilessly liquidated those officers.

“I wish I could have killed more of those motherfuckers,” Bracamontes told the Sacramento Superior Court. “I will break out soon, and I will kill more, kill whoever gets in front of me.”[1]

His wife was with him, participating all the way.  All illegal invasion must be stopped at the border, 100 percent.  Those who wish to become Americans must apply for that privileged as the laws of the United States prescribe, and they must be subsequently approved for admission.

The United States cannot waste time and money forever chasing illegals through the desert, and must implement either a wall system, or the use of deadly force against anyone caught crossing the border illegally.  Only when there is a real cost to illegal entry will illegal entry cease.

While we Indomiti do recognize that these illegals are fleeing a bad situation, they are obligated to right the wrongs in their own country.  There is no free ride here in the USA.

We support Mr. Trump in the most effective methods of stopping illegal invasion.  The flood of illegals must be stopped immediately, with prejudice when necessary.  The United States is a mature, sovereign nation.  Those supporting the illegal invasion must be held fully accountable, with significant punishment meted to them for their treasonous acts against the sovereignty of the United States.

It is time to shut down the left, Mr. President.  We recognize the substantial risks, primarily that China, Russia and Iran will attempt to exploit the bloodshed in the United States for their own gain.  But we find it not likely that the three will strike the United States in any military capacity.  We are still the most well-armed nation in history, by a wide margin.

By allowing illegals into America, we allow the barbarians who severed the heads of over 30 Mexicans into America, too.  We are importing Mexican rot and decay into America, and our enemies know it.  The entire “poor migrant” process is specifically designed to cripple entire western nations.  China does not have this problem, nor does Russia.  It is a war aimed directly at the west, and the longer we delay in directly fighting it, the weaker we become.  We start to develop the characteristics of a diseased nation, weak, bleeding, confused.

That is where we are today, in fact.

It was reported that throughout the trial Bracamontes “grinned, smiled, laughed and refused to remain quiet.”[2] Bracamontes was “also charged with wounding another deputy and shooting a motorist” in 2014.[3]

Bracamontes was also responsible for shooting a bystander in the head and stealing his car.[4]

Bracamontes obviously seemed to have thought that Sacramento deserves a better class of criminal and that killing those cops would restore the criminal underground from Mexico to its former glory. He and his wife actually carjacked several people before they both ended up hiding at a motel in Sacramento. He told the Sacramento Superior Court: “I don’t fucking regret that shit. The only thing I fucking regret is I only killed two.”[5]

Bracamontes was so disruptive during the trial that Superior Court Judge Steve White had to say: “You will not disrupt this trial, you will not speak out. If you do, you will be removed from the courtroom.”[6] He responded by saying, “Fuck you. I’m going to kill one of you motherfuckers.”[7]

Bracamontes was deported numerous times for his drug activities and charges, but no US official could ever tell tax payers how Bracamontes continued to come back to the United States illegally. He obviously thought that the system is broken and that no elected official was putting the law into practice.

Susan Oliver, widow of Deputy Danny Oliver, lamented that Bracamontes “was in the country illegally and armed with numerous illegal weapons. . . . I can honestly say not a day goes by that this has not affected me.” During the trial, Bracamontes looked at the families of his victims and declared: “Fuck all the stupid cops and fuck the families, too.”[8]

This is Mexico:

This is Mexico. Close the border.