Plan To Arrest Julian Assange: US District Court, Eastern District, Alexandria VA Division

Details are few, but attached is a Case document that specifically names Assange as a person who has been “charged” (Sec 1. Paragraph 3, 2nd sentence), and “until Assange is arrested”” on page 3, Section 3, Paragraph 5.

Read the document yourself.  Julian Assange To Be Arrested.pdf

The big question in the mind of Indomitus is this: What good comes from arresting a man who has served a jail sentence in the Ecuadoran Embassy for years, and who apparently only traffics in facts and truth?  Additionally, Assanges’ distribution of facts and truth was a key component in the axe to the neck of the Deep State/Globalists/NWO Marxist Fascists working so diligently to erase American culture and to break her back.

Other than than standing in the face of devilish global tyranny, who could dislike the man?

Perhaps, and this posit is made in complete sobriety, the people in position to help, who owe Assange a debt of gratitude, are producing sufficient rumor that Assange will be arrested in order to persuade the idiots currently managing the asylum that is the United Kingdom to allow the USA to bring Assange here for trial, with the end goal of freedom for Assange.

If Assange is arrested for the type journalism that has been a tonic for America from Day One of the Republic, then any other reporter of facts and truth will also be subject to arrest, depending on whom is reported upon, of course.

Subsequently, though seldom even now, truth will not be reported, and everything constituted of letters and numbers will be the product of political spin.

On the monitor to my right is a list of 2, 418 “news” articles that we need to review, and these are all from the last couple of days.  From experience, we know that 99% of those articles and sources contain information regarding the collapse and fall of the West, the corruption of virtually every major corporation on earth, the criminal actions of potentially every significant judicial system in the West, the abject, and the blatant and guilt-free wickedness of the Chinese, Middle Eastern and African “governments”.

People wonder why Trump hasn’t gotten even more accomplished.

A .pdf that gives specifics on survey data pertaining to global corruption is downloadable for you here: Global Corruption Survey .

Details on global corruption are available at Transparency International

But the corruption is global, and from top to bottom.  Certainly most people are decent and relatively honest.  But the closer one gets to money and power, the greater likelihood that one will deal with corrupt officials.  The greater the power, or the more the money, the greater the probability of corruption.

So what is the standard, and what is the solution?

There is only one reliable standard for Truth, and only one path to the Truth.  Outside of that, then every evil under the sun is allowed.  Murder is justified, graft is justified, lying is justified – dishonesty and every evil thing imaginable is, one way or another “justified”, and that is what we are dealing with in the world today.  Our moral bearings are lost.  We cast ourselves off from the “prison” of Biblical faith, from the required honesty, from the required loving our neighbor as we love ourself, from the required forgiving those who do us harm, and from the required loving our maker, who gave us every good thing.

We co-created the evil world we live in, led by the first to rebel against God.  That one is, as the Bible states, “the prince of this world”.  As the faithful sons and daughters of Yahuah diminish in number, evil overtakes all and very soon, that fallen one will stand before all mankind and declare himself God.

That’s what’s going on.  The real truth.  Let there be no doubt – the prince of this world rules it.  Only the faithful of Yahuah hold that dark prince at bay, and as the world attacks and destroys the faithful, the darkness and hatred of the Prince of this world will escalate.  The world will increasingly decay into choking animosity from all people to all people, until the moment of the end comes.  That will be when Yahusha, the one called Iasous or Jesus or Yeshua, steps from His place into our place.  He is coming.

There is one who rules the world. John 12:31