Nobody Died At Sandy Hook – Not One Single Soul

Watch and learn.  When you know the truth, its a lot easier to stand up for it.

Buy the book at  Amazon banned it, as did several other vendors.  Sons-of-bitches.

Wolfgang Halbig, National School Safety Expert, Former FL State Trooper, Teacher, Asst Principle, Principle, and Dean. He has helped schools improve their safety protocols, including the responses to active shooter, mass casualty incidents. He has testified in both Federal and State Courts as an Expert. Wolfgang was asked by representatives from several school districts to look into the Sandy Hook shooting with a critical eye. What he found has changed the course of his life. He currently faces his second lawsuit for asking questions about Sandy Hook. The first lawsuit was dropped by Lenny Pozner the day before he was ordered to give a video deposition. The very next day, another lawsuit was filed against Alex Jones, naming Wolfgang Halbig as a co-defendant. Send Donations to: Check or Money Order made out to: Sandy Hook Justice 25526 hawks run lane Sorrento, FL 32776 Phone: 352-729-2559 Email: Links discussed in this recording: Sandy Hook – Whole City Got FREE Houses:… Ramola D. Reports (Resource for Targeted Individuals):… Please download and share this video as far and wide as you can. I release this video under the following license: Sharing: Creative commons, Attribution, Share and Share alike, Non-commercial 4.0 international license. :… Youtube Channel: Email:

Many new Sandy Hook homes, all purchased the SAME DATE