Mockery VS The Cross-Hairs Of Sobering Facts


The mockers.  That is precisely what the left has become – mockers.  Interesting.  Imagine 70 million adults who only despise lawful authority, and who constantly mock lawful authority.  Literally.  Their mocking is even a paid profession in the media.  Mocking is where the money is.  Standing for truth, or honesty, or chastity, or for the unborn babies, or worst of all, standing for The Bible, gets one mocked without ceasing.

Acosta mocks the President.  The NPR (negro/female) mockingly accuses Mr. Trump, a nationalist as he should be, of being a White Nationalist.  That is mockery. Schumer, McCain (dead, thankfully), Pelosi, Waters, the antifa rodents (though less because those guys are too stupid to be very good at it), and others.

Never a solution to a problem, only mockery.

It is difficult to engage a mocker in rational, sincere conversation, especially when a serious problem is at hand.  The Dems in particular are mockers par nonpareil.  Their Soros-mandated solutions are always “no borders, no virtues, no means of self defense, no right to life, no right of free speech, no right of freedom of association and more.

For example, if you tell a Dem that abortion is murder, the Dem will reply that the mother has the right to choose what happens to her body.  That is true to the point where she impinges on the right of the unborn child to live.  She cannot go beyond that point.  The baby owns the exact same right to life as the pregnant mother.  More, even, because that baby is utterly helpless and totally dependent on the mother for life.

Then the mocking will begin.  You will be ridiculed for your “ignorance”, laughed at for being a Bible-thumper, or a creationist, or whatever comes to mind based on something you said.

Mockery is rather potent as a suppressor of free speech, too.  What makes mockery strong is the bystnder who is listening and deciding which argument has merit.  The bystander does not want to be mocked or humiliated, so he stands mute, cringing over the mockery and dreading the thought that it might swing over onto him.

But mockers always have a huge vulnerability: the Truth.  The Truth will kill a mocker.  Sure, the mocker will always have something else to say, but the truth lets all the air out of their sails.  And the Truith, when clearly deliniated in speech, cannot be overcome.  It is undefeatable.  Indomitable.

If you want to crush anyone on the left, just have a handful of facts available to toss into the mockers teeth and watch him run.

The bottom line is this: If the Left does not turn Right very quickly, the Left is going to find itself in the cross-hairs of some very sobering facts.

“Last night was a monumental election that fundamentally shifts the balance of power in Washington, D.C., for years to come — and it is not the top story,” Stephen Colbert said on Wednesday’s Late Show. “Because today, Trump fired his attorney general, Jeff Sessions.” He elaborated with a long Edgar Allan Poe joke. “Now there’s some confusion among stupid people as to whether Sessions was fired or he resigned,” Colbert said. “He did submit a letter of resignation, but it began: ‘At your request, I am submitting my resignation.'”

Trump clearly fired Sessions because he recused himself from the Russia investigation, and Colbert kind of came to his defense: “You can’t blame Sessions for recusing himself — it’s the only thing that’s good that he’s ever done. It’s like hating Lou Bega for ‘Mambo No. 5.'” Colbert gave his stand-in for Sessions a chance to say farewell, then crushed him.

Then Colbert got down to brass tacks. With Sessions out, “who on Earth would be willing to go down in history as the man who stepped in to fire Robert Mueller?” he asked. “Enter new Acting Attorney General and Caucasian M&M Matt Whitaker. Now there is no way to know Whitaker’s stance on the Mueller investigation — unless you read his op-ed, ‘Mueller’s investigation of Trump is going too far,’ in which Whitaker wrote that if Mueller looks into Trump’s finances, it ‘could be damaging to the president of the United States … and by extension, to the country.’ And by ‘the country,’ of course, he means Russia.”

“So Trump just hand-picked a guy who wants to stop the investigation into Donald Trump to be in charge of the investigation of Donald Trump,” Colbert recapped, comparing that to a murder suspect choosing his own judge. He used a telling tweet from Whitaker to imagine his first day on the job. Watch below. Peter Weber

CNN holds Trump in contempt