Martial Law – Not That We ‘Told You So’, But…

Bill Maher is a man I want to dislike, but if Kanye can figure this stuff out, Maher can, too.  Hang in there, Bill.  If you desire the truth, you will find it.  Maher is ‘finding’ that martial law looks more likely every day.  Martial law is a major pain in the butt for everyone.  No one likes martial law.  But under martial law we get to conduct some military tribunals in some military courts and convict some politicians of heinous crimes and hang them from military gallows, just as we did Saddam Hussein.

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher said that when President Trump talks about the left being an angry mob, it “sounds like he’s setting up” implementing martial law.

Maher stated, “I’m frightened because Trump talks every day about us in some way, the enemy of the people is the press, talks about — that we’re an angry mob. I mean, when you talk about angry mob, that sounds like he’s setting up, at some point, ‘We’re going to need martial law until we find out what the hell is going on.’”

Maher also spoke against “political correctness”, and quite precisely.

Maher said, “I guess we’re not losing officially yet, but considering how awful Trump is and everything else, it seems like the Democrats should be doing better. And, you know, 25 years ago, ‘Politically Incorrect,’ I said…political correctness, I believed it would destroy us then, and I believe that now. And I think people vote, not so much on policy anymore. I don’t think they follow it closely. I think they vote on who’s strong. They know Trump’s an idiot, but he looks strong, and political correctness, weak.”

He added, “I think it’s our problem, and I don’t know why more mainstream liberals don’t denounce the political correctness that they must know in private conversations is insane.”

Speaking of Saddam Hussein and military tribunals for Clinton, Comey, McCain (post mortem) and others, here is Saddam Hussein’s military hanging that takes place in a dark, dungeon-like setting.