Jordan Hunt, Toronto, Roundhouse Kicks Pro-Life Woman Standing On Street Corner

Jordan Hunt, a now-fired hair dresser working in Toronto, Canada, walked up to a woman who was standing on a street corner supporting unborn babies, and round-house kicked her.

Jordan Hunt was fired from his hair-dresser job, and he deleted his social media garbage.  His physical address is difficult to find.

Please watch the video, and if you can get Indomitus a physical address of Jordan Hunt, we will appreciate it.

The incident occurred  on September 30 in Toronto, Canada when Bissonnette — a youth coordinator with Campaign Life Coalition — was managing the corner of Bloor and Keele for the Life Chain event. Her duties included handing out signs and taking a head count.

During the event, Bissonnette said 76 pro-life protesters showed up. One pro-choice counter-protester showed up with a sign that read “my body, my choice, my right,” but she stood politely with the group throughout the event.

It was around 2:30 pm when Hunt arrived on the scene and managed to deface two of the group’s signs with a red and blue marker. After vandalizing the signs, Hunt approached the other pro-choice protester, possibly in hopes of making a new ally. The woman did not seem to approve of his tactics though.

At that point, Bissonnette approached Hunt and confronted him for destroying the signs. Hunt realizes he is being filmed when the other protester tells him Bissonnette has been filming him the whole time, to which Hunt responds by putting his thumbs up and saying “cool.”

Bissonnette tells Hunt what he did was considered destruction of private property. Hunt responded by asking her if a 16-year-old rape victim should be able to get an abortion. As Bissonnette begins to explain that she thinks the victim should have to deliver the child, Hunt strikes an odd pose before sticking his tongue out of the side of his mouth and delivering a roundhouse kick to her shoulder.

As Bissonnette’s phone went flying from her hand, Hunt claims he was trying to kick the camera. According to an article on LIFE SITE NEWS written by Bissonnette, as a fellow protester began calling 911, Hunt ripped a ribbon off her chest that she had been wearing and ran from the scene. Once police arrived on the scene they did not exit the vehicle and said there wasn’t much that could be done.

After the video was uploaded to LifeSiteNews’ YouTube channel, it quickly went viral and soon Hunt was identified. It was also discovered that Hunt was employed at Noble Studio 101 at the time of the incident. Hunt has since been fired and has deactivated his social media accounts as of Wednesday. Now that Hunt has been identified, Bissonnette says she plans on pressing charges.