It Isn’t “White Supremacism” – It’s The Refusal To Defend Our Borders. The Left Owns The El Paso Walmart Slaughter

It is stunning how the communists, Marxists and anti-white racists in America dodge the truth and spin lies and hatred.  These people are the most local enemies of the Republic, many of them on government payrolls, many of them elected political officials.

All of the talk about the wicked and reprehensible El Paso Walmart murders is about “racism”, “white supremacy”, “hostile political rhetoric” and other peripheral memes, when the issue is ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION.


Build the wall.  Americans are at the boiling point regarding illegal immigration, and clearly, OBVIOUSLY, Americans are no longer willing to listen to the bullshit that passes for political discourse regarding the funding of the wall, the ethics of the wall or the necessity of the wall.

Build the wall.  Defend our borders, and expel the illegals.  The United States is a sovereign nation and not a public toilet for every third-world failed socialist nightmare to send their huddled masses for a free lunch.

The left’s intransigence regarding the Wall is the direct cause of the El Paso Walmart killings.  The lefts’ hands are dripping with the blood of those innocent, decent human beings who were murdered by the fed-up anger of one American who lacked the courage to die himself.  Coward.  A dog who should be put down.  Nontheless, it is the AOC’s and Pelosi’s of America who created this.  This is the lefts’s creation.

If you want immediate relief of tension – BUILD THE WALL.  People need to see ACTION, and even the legitimate American citizens of Hispanic heritage should be comforted by the fact that finally, illegal immigration is being stopped.  If the Hispanics rebel at the wall rising, then clearly their intent is to move their entire culture into America, which should be stopped cold.  Again, America is not a public bus where any one can just hop on.

America has become a shivering, frightened adult, hiding in the corner and completely afraid to face hard, cold facts.  Everything is Netflix now – pick a reality and go there.

Unless that wall is built, and very quickly, expect civil war.  And folks, that is no rhetoric.  It will happen again, and in bigger numbers, and then the illegals and many legitimate Americans of Hispanic heritage will justifiably elect to defend themselves, and the problem of liberal governance will become full-blown civil war.

Build the wall.  It is our first line of defense.  Imagine how sick you would become of you had no skin to block access of virii and bacteria into your bloodstream.  Your skin is your wall.  And the analogy is good because illegals are bringing into America many diseases and much illness, exactly as virii and bacteria do.  But the diseases are less dangerous than the sheer numbers of illegals.  This is a vital national security matter and it must be addresses immediately and with absolute resolve, no matter what.


Multiple Walmart Shooters – Video

Indomitus received an interesting video last night which was an interview with a woman and her daughter who were checking out at Walmart when the shooting began.  They both said in the interview on camera that there were four shooters who came in and started shooting, three dressed in black.

So perhaps this “solo madman/bad Trump” meme is just a setup.  Its happened so many times that every mass murder is suspect and we already know the FBI is a bought-and-paid-for globalist police force.  There will be no investigation and the testimony of the witnesses of multiple shooters will never see the light of day.

We are being played again.  Just like Sandy Hook, just like 9/11.  Youtube closes channels, free speech is FORBIDDDEN.  Anything that deviates from the official narrative, regardless of proof (and just where is the Walmart security video?), web hosts shut sites down –

The truth is what is being destroyed.