It is Possible That President Donald J. Trump OWNS The Mueller Investigation – That He Directs It

A seat at the table of Guantanamo

Attorney James Baker, formerly (and since resigned) Senior Legal Counsel for the FBI, reporting directly to fired Andy McCabe and fired former Director James Comey, states flatly that Rod Rosenstein specifically said he (Rosenstein) wanted to wear a recording device into his meeting with Donald Trump.  According to Baker and as he stated to Congressional investigators, it was FBI attorney Lisa Page (Strzok’s adulteress/McCabe’s subordinate) and Andrew McCabe that Rosenstein made the go-wired suggestion to.  Baker considered the plan to be serious, not a joke, not funny. An effort to create a case for Article 25 against Trump.  Rosenstein was busted on it and tendered his resignation to Trump – but Trump told him to go back to work.

Indomitus suggests Trump flipped Rosenstein, because Trump can wreck, and we mean utterly ruin Rosenstein now.  For that matter, Trump has Mueller’s scrotum in a vise-grip, too.  Bear in mind that in the Uranium One deal, the Russians demanded that the samples be hand-delivered by MUELLER himself, and handed to the Russian representative on the tarmac at the airport beside the US government plane that brought Mueller to Russia.  Remember that?

How much video of that hand-off do you think the Russians have of Mueller conspiring to help Russia create nuclear weapons to attack the United States?

The FBI actively worked to steal an election and ruin the lawfully elected President of the United States, Donald Trump.  Who cares why they did it?  They did it, and that is sufficient to prosecute.  The case is made.  FISA is proven a set-up, with multiple counts of fraud tied to it.  Proven.  Facts.  Rosenstein wanted an Article 25 shot at Trump.  This is all treason, dear friend.  Handcuffs are apropos, and mark these words: Guantanamo is patient.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein wasn’t joking when he told former FBI officials Andrew McCabe and Lisa Page that he wanted to secretly record President Trump and use the tapes to remove him from office, according to the FBI’s former top lawyer.

Fox News reports that James Baker, who served as the FBI’s General Counsel before he was reassigned and then quit, told congressional investigators during a closed-door deposition last week that Page and McCabe relayed the same account of Rosenstein’s remarks – and that he was absolutely serious at the time.

“As far as Baker was concerned, this was a real plan being discussed,” reports The Hill‘s John Solomon, citing a confidential source.

“It was no laughing matter for the FBI,” the source added.

Did Rosenstein volunteer to entrap the President as a byproduct of his recommendation to fire Comey?  After all, Rosenstein did recommend that Trump fire Comey.  Maybe he was trying to earn some coup cred.

McCabe, Baker’s boss, was fired after the DOJ discovered that he had leaked self-serving information to the press and then lied to investigators about it. Baker, meanwhile, was central to the surveillance apparatus within the FBI during the counterintelligence operation on then-candidate Trump.

As the former FBI general counsel, Baker was a senior figure with a pivotal position who had the ear of the FBI director.

Baker also is at the heart of surveillance abuse accusations, many from congressional Republicans. His deposition lay the groundwork for a planned closed-door House GOP interview with Rosenstein today

Baker, formerly the FBI’s top lawyer, helped secure the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant on former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, as well as three subsequent renewals. –Fox News

Meanwhile, the Times also notes that McCabe’s own memos attest to Rosenstein’s intentions to record Trump – which led to Rosenstein reportedly tendering a verbal resignation to White House chief of staff John Kelly.

On September 21 the New York Times reported on Rosenstein’s alleged comments. The MSM – citing eternally anonymous officials – immediately spread cover for Rosenstein with the the narrative that he was simply joking. Rosenstein’s office has tried to downplay the comments as a joke, insisting that he never gave an order to record Trump, and that he doesn’t believe Trump should be removed from office.

Let’s see if Rosenstein tells Congressional investigators the same thing on Thursday, under oath, under penalty of felony.  Rosenstein is fighting the “under oath” and transcripts requirements specified by the cmte.  Now you know why.  If he is under oath, he will either confess that he was serious or directly contradict multiple reliable witnesses.

Baker’s account to lawmakers this month clearly complicates an already complicated picture for Rosenstein before Congress, assuming he shows up for Thursday’s interview.

This is a blatant coup attempt.  The case is made.

Even more extraordinary is the timing of such discussions: They occurred, according to Baker’s account, in the window around FBI Director James Comey’s firing. Could it be that the leaders of a wounded, stunned FBI were seeking retribution for their boss’ firing with a secret recording operation? –The Hill

Solomon points out that “This wasn’t a president who was incapacitated at the time. He was fully exercising his powers — but in a way the FBI leadership did not like.”

Keep in mind, this is the same FBI that, a few months earlier during the 2016 election, had its top counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok talking to Page — his lover and the top lawyer to McCabe — about using their official powers to “stop” Trump in the election and having an “insurance policy” against the GOP nominee. That insurance policy increasingly looks like an unverified dossier created by British intelligence operative Christopher Steele — a Trump hater himself — that was bought and paid for by the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton’s campaign through their mutual law firm. –The Hill

Let’s also recall that this is the same FBI which employed the now missing or dead Stephan Halper – a Cambridge professor and longtime US spook – to infiltrate and perform espionage on the Trump campaign.

“You walk away from the Baker interview with little doubt that the FBI leadership in that 2016-17 time-frame saw itself as far more than a neutral investigative agency but actually as a force to stop Trump’s election before it happened and then maybe reversing it after the election was over,” said Solomon’s source “directly familiar with the congressional investigation.”

Additional Baker Confessions

Solomon also reports that Baker told congressional investigators that a DNC attorney gave him information in the Russia investigation, and that he received a version of the infamous Steele Dossier from liberal journalist David Corn of Mother Jones magazine – which he then forwarded to Strzok’s team. Corn says this happened in November 2016, just after the election.

That transaction is significant for two reasons. First, at the time Steele had just been fired from the FBI probe for leaking to the media and he wasn’t supposed to be further assisting the probe. So Corn essentially acted as a back door to allow information to continue to flow.

Secondly, the FBI was using the news media as an investigative source outside the normal chain of evidence. –The Hill

Rosenstein and Trump met for approximately 30 minutes aboard Air Force One. Prior to the flight, Trump told reporters that he has no plans to fire Rosenstein.

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