How To Spot A Red Flag: Demand Public, Nation Wide Access To ALL Evidence

In a world of ridiculous complications, the fundamentals are still fundamental. The truth is still easy to come by, requiring only the facts. The people can obtain the truth by demanding complete transparency for events like the shooting in El Paso. Or Florida. Or Connecticut. Or anywhere else they have happened, and the whole process is simple and easy.

Demand immediate and complete transparency from the government.

Demand Access To ALL Evidence

For example, this El Paso shooting – the people have every right to view all of the evidence, such as the security camera videos from every camera that took any video of any part of the shooting.

The people deserve to read, download and discuss freely all written documents that serve as evidence of any crime that has impact like these “random” murder events.

Immediate access to ALL evidence, as soon is it is discovered, recorded, found, etc.  Immediate.  Now.  And imprison any official who delays the presentation of evidence.  Immediately.

Do you actually trust the agents of the Federal government to serve YOU?  DO you believe the Federal government presents the FACTS, truthfully?

Only a government with something to hide, such as an agenda to psychologically harm the people, will refuse to be transparent with the people.

You have every right to review all the evidence for yourself and make your own decisions. Governments that keep “evidence a secret” because it is “an ongoing investigation” are hiding the facts from YOU. The alleged “perpetrators already know what happened, and telling the people what happened will not harm the “investigation”.

The people of America have as much right to ALL of the evidence as the police have to investigate the crime. When the government refuses to provide ALL of the “evidence”, they are hiding facts from YOU.


When you review “facts” or so-called evidence in these matters, ask QUESTIONS.  NEVER just accept as truth anything that is told to you from ANY source.  ASK QUESTIONS.  If you doubt, say so.  Get help.  Ask other free people what they think.  You might be on to something truly significant, or you might be wrong.  Asking others to consider your thoughts is quite good for you.

Demand complete transparency in these so-called “random” executions.  You might be surprised to learn that the events stop happening.  Evil shuns the truth.

Ask questions.  Demand ALL evidence.  It belongs to the PEOPLE.


Share this with someone, somewhere.  Do it now.  Put it on the social media platforms.  Spread it around.  Get the idea flowing that yes, we the people are plenty smart enough to figure out what is true and what is a lie.  If we demand to know the facts AS THEY ARE discovered, and in full – we can change the path America is on.  Examine EVERY statement, opinion or position by the government agents who present their so-called “facts”.  Please.  For your own sake, for the freedom of your children and for peace among the people of America.