Friday, September 20th – Deadline For Christine ‘MeToo’ Ford To Tell Her Story Before Kavanaugh Supreme Court Vote

Indomitus believes Ms. Ford to be a liar.  Her students label her as “mean” and “vindictive”.  Her parents lost in a lawsuit presided over by Judge Martha Kavanaugh, Bret Kavanaughs mother, a couple of decades ago.  Her named ‘witnesses‘ either decline to verify her claim, or outright label her “nuts”.  She claims she is not “ready” but has had decades to review the details.  Dems want “more time for FBI” in order to artificially stall Kavanaugh vote.  The Ford claim is a blatant lie, a false ‘narrative’ designed specifically to harm Brett Kavanaugh, and by extension, Trump and the American conservatives.

To hell with Liberals, Progressives, Marxists, and every human being who bears false witness against his neighbor.

Grassley – Deadline For Ford Is Friday, 20th September

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A woman who has accused Brett Kavanaugh, President Donald Trump’s U.S. Supreme Court nominee, of sexually assaulting her decades ago has until Friday morning to provide prepared testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee, the panel’s chairman said on Wednesday.

Senator Chuck Grassley

The committee has invited Ford and Kavanaugh to testify on Monday about the allegation. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, in a letter to the lawyers for university professor Christine Blasey Ford, also said the committee would be willing to hold the hearing behind closed doors rather than in a public session, adding that he was disturbed to hear that Ford has been subjected to personal threats.