FellowshipoftheMinds.com Murdered by WordPress

Fellowshipoftheminds.com, one of the most gentle and righteous of conservative American information sites, was shut down by WordPress for its truth and stand for that which is good.

Dr. E, please host your own site on a server that ypou have some control over.  Do not rely on platforms like WordPress or Facebook or Youtube to allow you top propagate truth or wisdom, as truth and wisdom are both illegal in the anti-christ meleiu of the “new media”.

I know you will return better than ever, but I feel your pain.  A year ago my own flagship site was attacked so thoroughly that the hosting company I had been with for 14 YEARS closed my accounts from fear that they, too, would become a target.  ALL of my sites were destroyed, and ALL of my backups were destroyed, too.  Years of work, blown up by a hacker who simply had an assignment to shut me down.

But I am back, and determined to strike the dark forces as long as I breathe.  I know you will do the same.