Double Mass Shootings In America Proves War Is Accelerating- Thank Liberals In DC and The States For These New Funerals

Indomitus is not surprised at these mass killings.  They could happen anywhere on earth, but only in America is the bitter whining, finger-pointing, accusing and rancor perpetually at the boiling point.  Do not blame Mr. Trump for this, as America had far fewer problems years ago, and still random killings, cannibalism, ritual murders and more took place.

Did you know that the average number of children murdered every year, from 2012-2014 and from age 0-17 is 693?  These are kids, 693 murdered annually and the average holds up for many years back, not just back to 2012.

The point is that America is a wicked nation, filled with wicked people who hate God.  There are no “good people” in America.  When America begins to love one another, peace will come.  If you are looking for Indomitus to join you in a hate-fest, go somewhere else and absorb hatred from some other hate-filled person.  We The People ARE the problem.  It is NOT “guns”, but hate which kills.  The government must obey the LAW and DEFEND OUR BORDERS.

Put Biblical prayer back in schools.  Dump the abominations the government continually SHOVES down the throats of decent American people.  Follow God, pray, obey His commandments, especially loving HIM and loving our neighbor.

If Americans cannot do these simple things, America deserves the death that is waiting for it.  Love your neighbor as you love yourself, or embrace the consequences of your hate.

The Manifesto Of The El Paso Walmart Shooter – 21-year-old Patrick Crusius

I read it, and its coherent.  Murdering civilians is despicable, gutless, cowardly and Crusius deserves to hang.  His solution was as bad as the problem he seeks to solve – illegal third-world invasion of America supported by liberal politicians, voters and money donors.  He died defending America, no doubt.

But the people who he killed are not the problem source.  The problem source is centered in Washington, D.C. on the left side of Congress.  They are the problem.  They are the people who have the authority to stop the illegal invasion of America, but who do, instead, everything they can to INCREASE the diminution of a once-great nation.  Their plan is to cripple America, not strengthen it.  Just as importantly, there seems to be a concerted effort to extinguish the anglo race.  That process does seem to have momentum.

Therefore, it is no surprise that anglo males are striking back, defending themselves, defending their culture, and defending America from being co-opted by third-world illegals crawling through the bushes and across our borders BY THE MILLIONS.  And the Left wants them to VOTE.

Clearly, the Left is the enemy, even and much more so than the illegals.  The illegals just want a better life, and Americans understand that.  It is the Liberals who are the problem.  They are the genuine enemies of America and it is past time to address them as such.

Attached here is the original Manifesto of the El Paso Walmart Shooter.  Indomitus gives you both the absolute original and a text-perfect copy that has had the long paragraphs broken up to make reading it easier.

Both contain the same exact text, with NO CHANGES from the original content posted on the Drudge Report.

Download the original, unedited Manifesto of the El Paso Walmart Shooter here: FireShot Capture 003 – WALMART SHOOTER MANIFESTO –

Download the easier-to-read, unedited Manifesto of the El Paso Walmart Shooter: Walmart Shooter Manifesto