Did George Bush Jr. Turn States Witness Regarding The 9/11 Inside Job?


Well done video here. I had seen the Jeb Bush part of the video a couple of weeks ago, and am keenly interested in what was written. But not knowing where the note came from was a problem. I think this analyst is correct, that the note came from GW, and now we must speculate. GW chose the content and the timing. He passed the note as his dead daddy’s corpse passed him. All things considered, I am going to guess that he admitted guilt for 9/11. Jeb nearly wets his pants and Laura strongly reassures GW with a couple of pats on the back and then she takes his right arm in her left hand, tightly. In Wife speak, that is code for “STFU, GW. You are falling apart and just need to ask me what to do.”

GW turned States Witness for 9/11, and had to wait until Sr. died before he could speak out. He wrote the note at Sr.’s funeral because that is when him emotions got the best of him, and the burden of what he knows broke his ability to resist telling his wife. She showed Jeb and Jeb damn near fainted.

I do not think a handoff was made. None seen, so its all guessing. But you can see the expressions of the Bush’s as Laura shows the note to Jeb, and the note came from George Jr., who seems to be having a strong emotional crisis here, in addition to burying his dead father.