Dear Mr. Trump, All I Want For Christmas Is For You To Do Your Damned Job: UPDATE

Wake up, Mr. Trump

I just read that President Donald J. Trump unsubscribed from Ann Coulter.  How stupid of you, Mr. Trump, and how classically “The Donald”. You unsubbed from her, while the people who elected you are unsubbing you by the thousands. 

Can you say “Primaried”, Mr. Trump?

You sure showed her who is boss, huh?  By god, if she doesn’t like you, you will unsubscribe from her, and that way you will show her and the whole world that you are in charge.

This will be short, Mr. Trump.  Indomitus worked for you.  He worked for you on his own, promoting you via another channel to many thousands of readers.  The campaign to promote you (and concurrently slice Clinton and Comey and others) was so effective that the server it was hosted on, all other sites connected to that primary and all backups were hacked and  destroyed.  Plus, the hosting company ran from the problem, scared to death that their whole operation would be wiped out.

So yeah, we are effective.

But we got you elected, Mr. Trump.  We followed your career for DECADES, and were delighted when you decided to run for President.  Your own campaign team looked at Indomitus (operating under a different banner then)  as an asset, both from Atlanta and from New York.  We have our ways.

When you were elected, our hopes soared.  But you have become part of the swamp, Mr. Trump, and we are exceedingly angry.   You ban bump stocks and unsub from Ms. Coulter.  How very liberal of you, Mr. Trump.  Back to your liberal roots, are you? 

We hired you to build the wall and to lock her up, Mr. Trump.  Your “Q” campaign said to “Trust Sessions”, the yellow dwarf who shoved a shiv into your ribs from behind, repeatedly.

You talk about 2020 as if you are successful in your current role, but you are not successful.  We the people increasingly think you are weak, confused, shallow, uninformed, and full of shit, Mr. Trump.  And we are your A-Team.  Your Judge K turned pink on the bench, too.  Turned tail and ran from standing for the unborn children. Can’t take the heat.  Too much pressure.  Give K a pussy hat.

Reminds me of you.

Please take your [Q] campaign and shove it, Mr. Trump.  Get your a(ss) to w.o.r.k.  building that >wall yourself if necessary, and lock that fiend Clinton up, or the only thing you have to look forward to in 2020 is


One last thing, Mr. President of the United States of America, Mr. MAGA – if you think you are in the hotseat with that chump Mueller, you haven’t experienced anything yet.  Miss the opportunity to build the wall, and every man and woman who voted for you will be after you for life.  You will never escape the wrath of America’s backbone.  Even the liberals count on us to keep the nation running, and we will have you on a spear if you fail. 

We are not afraid of you or any other entity.  We are in this for keeps. 

Now, get on Q0 (disgusting nomenclature), fly to Texas, go to the border and make a speech about how the United States Army will break ground January 2nd and begin construction of the wall.  This IS a national security matter. 

You, personally, shovel the first spade of dirt, and make sure you are wearing a “Lock Her Up” button your on lapel.

Update: Today, December 26th 2018 on FOX, Mr. Trump states that he is “going to Texas for a groundbreaking ceremony”.

President Trump has a Christmas message for Democrats – the government is going to remain partially shut down “until we have a wall [or] fence.”

Trump, speaking to reporters Tuesday in the Oval Office during the fourth day of the impasse, also revealed that he will be going to the border in Texas for a “groundbreaking” ceremony for a portion of the project at the end of January.

Good job, Mr. President.  Wear the “Lock Her Up” button, shovel the first spade of dirt, and then go to the nearest BBQ joint for a beer and some beef ribs.  Have some public fun and admit that you are sympathetic to the Mexicans.  Confide that if you had been born in Mexico to a poor family, you, too, would have “almost certainly come to America”.  

Who wouldn’t?

Indomitus would have, absolutely.  Mexico is a paper-back horror story of a 4th World, and any Mexican with any brains at all would LOVE to come to America.  So let’s cherry-pick.  Let’s give these illegals some kind of litmus test; IQ, character, language and assimilation probability.  Things like that and choose who stays and who goes.  Good population growth helps the economy and would be good for morale.

Sending the fails back to Mexico does have the unfortunate side effect of loading Mexico with the bad fruit, so to speak.  Eventually, Mexico would collapse.  When that time comes, it is will come, perhaps the United States can trade assistance for ownership of the territoty.  There is no need for Mexico to eternally exist.  Just make it a 51st state with an assigned governor for 50 years as infrastructure is developed and policies created that will help the 51st state catch up with the other 50. 

As for the cartels, obviously the Mexican government, or parts of it, is on the take.  There is no determined effort to eradicate the cartels, and that must change.  The cartels must be exterminated, plain and simple.  Extermination is the right word, too.  Identify and exterminate.

In short, build the wall and build Mexico.  Be a good neighbor, certainly be a better neighbor than the Mexicans are.