Cloudflare Shutters 8Chan. 8Chan Says Manifesto Uploaded by Third Party, Not By El Paso Shooter. Liberal Cloudflare Silences Q’s Primary Channel of Communication.

Jim Watkins, the owner of 8Chan, states pointedly that the alleged El Paso Walmart shooter did NOT post his “manifesto” on 8Chan, meaning that someone else posted it, meaning that either he had one (or more) accomplice, or that this is somehow a destabilizing, globalist setup. Jim Watkins can know whether or not the alleged shooter posted the manifesto based on certain features in the “internet trail” of that document. Its easy to do when you know how to do it, and I will not get into those details.

So there is someone else involved in the El Paso Walmart shooting, and maybe many “someone else’s”. Indomitus does have video of multiple witnesses stating emphatically that they personally saw MULTIPLE shooters inside the store, dressed in black and shooting. Antifa? CIA? MOSSAD? British MI6? Some postulate that all of these seemingly unrelated things: shootings; Kim Jong Un’s new missile firings; Chinese threats to Hong Kong; stock market drops and more are the output of British Crown activities, designed to destabilize the world and open the way to a world government.

Quite possible. Very much so. In fact, there is an immensely broad push to get something called “Noahide Law” established planet wide as the law of the land. It is Jewish in origin, is extra-biblical and fraught with traps that will lead, if established, to decapitation for wrongdoers, punishment based on the testimony of one single male witness.  This is what the world is sliding in to.

Setting 8chan up for a fall is right up CIA’s alley, as 8chan is the primary source of Q-anon data.  Shuttering 8chan stifles Q.  Isn’t that convenient to the Marxists and Globalists working to enslave mankind?


JIMK WATKINS Speaks Up.  If this video is banned by Youfool, Youtube, , let us know in the comments.  We have backups.

Just minutes before the deadly shooting in El Paso on Saturday, a sinister four page long manifesto was posted to 8Chan by someone who claimed to be the shooter. Antifa?

However, Watkins, an Army veteran, asserted that the shooter actually posted on Instagram prior to the attack — and whoever uploaded the manifesto to 8Chan was not the person who committed the heinous act.

“First of all, the El Paso shooter posted on Instagram, not 8Chan. Later, someone uploaded a manifesto. However, that manifesto was not uploaded by the Walmart shooter,” Watkins asserted in his video statement. “I don’t know if he wrote it or not, but it was not uploaded by the murderer. That is clear, and law enforcement was made aware of this before most people had even heard the horrific news.”

Watkins asserted that though his platform is known for being a bastion of free speech, they have never and will never protect illegal speech.

On Sunday, a campaign went viral to get hosting companies to ditch 8Chan over the manifesto turning up there. Cloudflare, a liberal web security company, also announced that they would be dropping 8Chan. Watkins said that the move to target his website’s hosting is political.

The message board, according to Watkins, has over a million users who post anonymously on the platform. It gained much notoriety from being the home base of the “Q Anon” theories.

Watkins said that they are continuing to work with law enforcement and working to keep his site active.