Civil War Is Certain

Pay attention and spread the word. War is coming.

War is coming to America. The division between right and wrong is irreconcilable and unbridgeable, although a friend of Indomitus, a true patriot, says that a .308 can bridge that gap quite effectively.

We at Indomitus concur. The only solution is engaging the enemy and decisively defeating him on the field of battle.  We will not persuade the daemons of the left.  The burning hatred that drives their actions will not be cooled by words.  Be certain of this: it is blood they want to spill.  They hope for it, laugh about it and plan to see it.  Jesus instructs His people to arm themselves.  Do it.

Why War On American Soil

The so-called “Left” has morphed into a dynamic, hostile, juggernaut of deception and treason. The Left is driven by powerful individuals who have worked for decades to break the back of the United States, and of her good people. The good people of the United States reacted strongly against the forces of evil as often as possible, voting for the most conservative person possible and always being cheated in the process.  The “system” was gamed by the powers of the illuminated, the Bilderbergers, the Masons, the Jesuits, the Club of Rome, the Knights of Malta, the Bohemian Grove and the money those powers brought to the table.

These groups know that defeat means humiliation and prison.  Trump is already building new prison facilities at Guantanamo, just for these enemies.

Their immeasurable wealth is used to buy the influence of politicians, all the way down to the local level.    Deals are made, promises kept, rot and corruption expanded and blackmail, oh yes, the darkest of arts – blackmail involving certain individuals and children, stolen and never known.  There is no depravity too evil for these people.  You must accept that truth,

Remember, all politics is LOCAL. FIGHT LOCALLY. Get in the face of the Democrats at their meetings.

The Left, these Marxist/Communist/Globalist/Satanist/Homosexualists/Pedophilists/Transgenderists/ consider themselves as the keepers of all truth, that they alone will determine what you eat, when you eat it, who lives and who dies, where you can live, how many children you may have, what vehicle you may drive, when you can drive it, how many calories are permitted for you, what fuels you may consume for heating and cooling, how much water you may use and where you may obtain that water.

Your lifespan will be determined by committee. Your medical treatment, if provided and free of charge, will be determined by committee.

You will be denied the means of self-defense, and you may have your unborn baby slaughtered in the womb free of charge at any time.

“Diversity” is called good, when “dilution” is the real goal.  Dilution of common roots, of history, faith, religion, past, future.  Illegal migration is another tool to break the back of America.  It is planned, paid for and executed by our blood enemies.

Every symbol of America’s former glory will be destroyed. Civility will become a laughable relic of the times past. Statues will be torn down, books forbidden and destroyed. Literature will be banned from the government schools as not being politically correct.

Anyone can marry anything, because the Party is God, and the party members its little gods. The Daemons of the Party will decide everything for most. Darkness will overtake the earth, and as the Book of Daniel says, “when the power of the Holy people is broken, then the end will come”.

It is hatred which binds them together – hatred for every last shred of righteousness, honor, obedience to the True God, nobility, fidelity, Truth. These Daemons are driven by their insatiable thirst for the life blood of the righteous, the decent, the faithful. And though we as human beings are far from faithful, we do know right from wrong and submit ourselves to right.  The wicked also know right from wrong, and willfully choose evil, establishing themselves as their own god, a Deamon, or demon.

We more or less honor the One True God, though we really do fail at that. We know that marriage is only between a man and a woman, and that a man is born a man and a woman is born a woman. We love our children and do not murder them in the womb. We know that all forms of transhumanism are evil, from trans-sexual conduct and sex surgeries to cross-gender homosexualism – all are wicked, and forbidden by God.

Satan, whether you acknowledge his existence or not, is quite real and this is his push.

Time For War

The power elite among the Left, driven mad by their wicked lusts for dominion, will do anything to ascend to global dominion. To achieve that goal, America must be either captured, or destroyed. Deagel predicts the destruction of America. If you do not know Deagel, shame on you. Shame on you.

American men, women and children will be rounded up and transported hundreds of miles from their homes, divided into camps and either re-educated or executed. Hell and damn yes, you will be in that group. Your spouse, your sons and daughters, your grandchildren.

War is about to begin in earnest on American soil. This will not be the hippy/Kent State/Berkely rioting and shootings of the ’60’s. This will be 100 times that scale, with budgets available for the Left, funding from the Soro’s of the world, and from the People’s Liberation Army of China. Our globalist enemies are ready now to launch their war in America.

Expect mass casualties on a scale unknown in history for a non-state or civil conflict.

The Democrat “win” in the House gives the Left another opportunity to attack the President, and the Democrats are the enemies of the Republic. Read their words, view their actions, marvel at their complicity with the antifa trash, and the organized attacks against the innocent and honorable Brett Kavanaugh.

Mark these words – the Left will not retreat from wickedness, as evil is precisely what drives them.  If you look at where we are culturally today VS where we were before the fraud Obama, it is sickeningly obvious that we decayed onto a Sodomite culture.

These are not one-time, one-off, incidents. Much more is coming and if you do not personally step up and get highly motivated to speak against the Democrat demons in their local nests, you will have much to consider on your long train ride into oblivion. Because that will be your fate. Ask Stalin. Ask Mao.

slaves, prisoners,
This can easily be you, or your children, if we fail to stop the Left. Get busy.