Christine Blasey Naked, Drunk and Passed Out On A Picnic Table?

A picture is worth so very much.  Have you ever heard the old saying that “The guilty dog barks loudest”?

Oct. 3rd – UPDATE – Might be true.  More images from a checkered past.

Christine Ford was allegedly a drunken and very active whore in high school and college…

Not bad looking back in the day, and to be pitied these days. Senate should vote today, Sunday September 23rd, rather than wait. And the Democrat Senators? Switch parties. How can you stomach the blatant Feinsteinian fraud of the Blasey groping caper? The shame is on your own faces if you do not publicly repudiate this ridiculous farce.

And would you believe that she did this same stuff when she was an innocent young girl?

For a horrifying look into Christine Blaseys high school days, check out These girls are the worst. — update— Google, which owns Blogspot, killed Cult of The First Amendment this week.  Sorry.  RIP, Cult of 1st.  You did good work. – Indomitus