California Fire: “Camp”, The Moment Of Ignition of The Paradise Fire

After reviewing some good work by Above Ground News and Mike Morales, and MAGA***Proud***TEXAN, Indomitus came to the conclusion that the California “Camp” or Paradise fire was started by technological means, and with the intent to utterly destroy the entire area.

Watch the video and observe where we overlayed two videos made by two separate individuals.  These two fellows are viewing the same event via different means, and are unable to see what the other saw.

Combining their two different perspectives, we conclude that the moment of ignition is plainly visible, and deliberate.  Further, that the fire was fueled by additional application of technology, purposely causing the fire to spread at an exponential rate.  In the video, you can see multiple, and we mean many incidents where some kind of energy burst takes place, creating a ravenous fire, all around the edges, as if they are attempting (successfully) to lead the fire or expand it.

The moment of ignition is sudden; something was detonated.  It flew high into the air and fell quickly to the ground.  The object is undetermined, but the video clearly shows a burst of what is likely microwave radiation at the moment of detonation.  The microwave is not visible, but the atmospheric moisture heated by the microwave burst IS visible.  It