At a Critical Juncture in American and World History, We Lost.

Sitting here at our keyboard, drowning our sorrows in some Fair Trade Dark Roast spun in pure butter (Bulletproof Coffee), with a tablespoon of coconut oil added for even better health, we are saddened by the loss of the House of Representatives to the Marxists.

At a critical juncture in American and world history, we lost.

Most American citizens have no idea what just happened. They will make various empty comments regarding the loss of the House (or the gain of it), and carry on with their life of tunnel-vision and self-imposed ignorance. They march to their own demise, certainly, but worse, they herd their children along with them.

Everything Trump talks about in his rallies is important to the bedrock citizens of America – the conservative families that constitute the heart and soul of our once truly magnificent nation. We know what we want, and we know why it is important. We generally have a biblical worldview, which is increasingly the dividing line between the tribes.

Indeed, it is the biblical worldview that defines our quest for national sovereignty, for heterosexual marriages only, for conservative judges who interpret law and judge cases from the foundation of thousands of years of biblical interpretation, all the way back to Moses and the Commands of Yahuah, which are eternal.

The Left – the cultural Marxists, the homosexuals (and a “lesbian” is a homosexual”), diversity shrieks, globalists, vampires, wanna-be cannibals, pedophiles, general population (genpop) fools, druggies, illegals and every other form of voluntary human degeneracy fiercely hates those on the Right.

The Left Is Driven By Hatred

You can bet your very soul on that. The Left pays for the wholesale slaughter of unborn babies inside the babies mother’s very womb. They will not hesitate to exterminate hundreds of millions of adults and children if that opportunity arises. They will do it for whatever reason feels good to them. Hatred, justified by ___________ .

It is hate for any possibility of a “God” other than self. The Left is its own god, composed of millions of little gods, which has a word for itself – daemon, currently spelled “demon”. “Little god” is the definition of demon. We face a demonic horde which has zero desire for truth, but which does have an insatiable desire for the blood of its enemies – the Right.

Indomitus is the friend of all who walk in the Light of Yahuah, the God of Moses, the Father of Yahusha (renamed “Jesus” in 1611 by King James). We have read His Word and believed the Word.

Yahuah Will Act

Life as we know it will end in a divine intervention, and all Indomitus can tell you is that it will be violence unseen since the flood. The most important aspect of this pending act of Yahuah is this – it will separate the Righteous from the Unrighteous; Right from Left.

There are no righteous among the left, not one. But on the Right there are many who are not among us for the right reasons. Some are on the right, or vote conservatively, because of tradition, or because of financial responsibility, or because of sane national defense or whatever is important to them that is represented by the conservatives.

What Indomitus shares with you is a “Right” populated exclusively by those who are Saved through a belief in Yahusha as the living Son of the Living Creator, who created the world and everything in, on and around it by speaking those things into existence. A creator who considers humans to be His Masterpiece, who commands us to love one another, to love our neighbor, to be faithful, to honor Him by abiding in His Word. That is the “Right” we speak of. A set-apart subset of people, we are the cornerstone of true biblical conservatism. We are all that remains of it, and it is precisely us that the Luciferians strive to isolate, to cull from the herd of humanity.

The Holy Bible says as much as is possible, live in peace with all men (Romans 12:18). Yahuah knows that living in peace with all is not always possible, which is why He also commands all who claim Him as their Father to arm themselves.

Personally, Indomitus sees wisdom in gathering the faithful, taking arms and engaging the Left in war. Once they observe first-hand that there is great personal cost attached to Marxism, to anti-God belief systems and Luciferian degeneracy, millions on the Left will adopt new behaviors based on the new reality that we on the Right will fight to the death for what we believe in.

We will not just “go away”, and we will never surrender to darkness.